26 May 2007

KingCast presents: Birdshit and karma.

Remember this one from 2000 or so, when pretty (ugly) boy (girl) Fabio got clocked on that rollercoaster? I was at work, zoning up cell towers in Va. Beach and just about laughed my cajones off over that one. Look at the girly on his left laughing her arse off :) Well today at work I drew the al fresco shift, so I'm out there working on my tan, chillin' and a hyperactive annoying liberal lady was just all over me, so much so that every other patio table just looked at me, and said "I know you can't wait until she leaves."

At one point she says, "I didn't realize how fast time was moving" (not my fault) "...and it's been 6 minutes since we tried to order dessert, so we'll just take our check." She tipped out okay, but the ridiculous thing was, I was fully sat with 5 tables at a fine dining establishment and she could see that, so tough noogies to her. You want fast food take your ass to the Golden Arches.

And how does this relate to Fabio? Well in the end, she caught some bird shit right in her hair!!! I went inside and choked down a Tremont Ale, told the rest of the crew and we all had a good laugh.

For more on Karma and the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy consider this: It's only slightly ironic I should be questioning NH AG Kelly Ayotte abourt missing police video -- and for dropping any real criminal investigation in that case after she and fired Jaffrey, NH Police Chief Dunn wasted 2 years of my life protecting the policies of a bad cop (Dunn) on another matter, read this.

And speaking of laughter, in retrospect Dunn and Ayottes "cases" against me were comical, irrespective of the two years of pain and dollars wasted from my attorneys, my wallet -- and the taxpayers. Watch my lawyers laugh at the case below. Sadly, there's nothing funny at all about the Franconia shooting tragedy. This is serious business.

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