12 May 2007

KingCast notes that a second NH police officer death raises more Death Penalty concerns for NH AG Kelly Ayotte.

Related post on Nashua Telegraph Forums: The Death Penalty is still wrong.
A reader notified me in the comments section about the shooting death of another New Hampshire police officer in this post regarding my support for NH AG Kelly Ayotte on restricting commercial speech between drug manufacturers and physicians.

Update: Apparently Liko Kenney shot the Cpl Bruce McKay 4 times in the back with a .45 after the officer sprayed him on a traffic stop. The two men had a history stemming from an arrest and charges of resisting and assault on an officer, and this time Kenney had requested a different officer when he was pulled over and when McKay refused Kenney drove off. McKay then caught him and cornered the vehicle and backed up into it to prevent him from taking off again. Reports indicate that after being sprayed, Kenney shot the officer 4 times in the back then ran him over. A passerby then shot Kenney with the fallen officer's service revolver.

I remain saddened and too shocked to offer further comment but I note this: As the unlawful use of force/First Amendment case with Michael Isreal shows, there's two sides to every story:

Cop said my client harrassed and threatened him but after a Jury heard the evidence all of that was thrown out and Mr. Isreal and I deposited a check for $58,500.00.

Here's Mr. Kenney's side:

One encounter between Kenney and McKay, multiple sources said, left Kenney with a broken jaw and resulted in a lawsuit. Bill Kenney, said the suit was dismissed because there were no witnesses to the alleged incident.

"(McKay's) been after poor Liko ever since then," said Hugh McLean, whose wife, Jean, owns Floradale florist shop. "I suppose you can say he finally got him. Liko got him, too."


As we all know, I do not support Attorney Ayotte on her Death Penalty stance, as noted in this post and in this Nashua Telegraph Forums post, the strongest of the local posts with 1,900 reads. In the comments section to my post I responded thusly:
[P]erhaps this means that the threat of the Death Penalty was no major deterrent in the shooter's mind, right?

We shall see. [Upate: We have seen].

Meanwhile I say a prayer for the families of all involved. The other decedent is a cousin of Bode Miller, at whose tennis camp (Tamarackcamp.com) I was going to spend some time a couple of years ago until I -- as legal chair for Southern NH NAACP -- got hit with that stupid and eventually dismissed indictment. The indictment came from that stupid and eventually dismissed Jaffrey Police Chief Martin Dunn -- with whom NH AG Ayotte has often sided -- not just in my case but in the failed prosecution of former Jaffrey Police officer Aaron Deboisbriand, whose father kept in touch with me on the D.L. throughout our respective persecutions.

The tennis camp thing is a long story but a lawyer friend of mine is friends with the family and he had told me about the camp and how laid back and beautiful it is.

At any rate, back to Dunn and Ayotte, it just goes to show I'm a big enough person to acknowledge not only when she's incorrect, but when she is correct as well. [Having spent 4 years as an AAG in employment and Civil Rights matters, and having practiced Constitutional Law on my own for 5 years I reckon I have some basis to issue insightful comment regardless of its implications, as noted by Ohio Civil Rights Attorney Terry H. Gilbert in this blawg post and in the opening to KingCast short films "Live Revolution" and "American Lawyer I."]

And at bottom, that's the beauty of the First Amendment, hence the name of this blawg.

Read the footnote.



Christopher King said...

Damn Union Leader is still calling the Michael Briggs shooting death a "murder."

Here's the bottom of the news story that you will read if you click on the words "shooting death."

►Mourners already sending condolences; you can share your thoughts
►The 42 NH law enforcement officers who previously died in the line of duty
►Map of Franconia
►Do you have any information about this tragedy? Please contact UnionLeader.com
►Complete coverage of the Briggs murder
►"A Police Officer's Prayer" on the Franconia department's web site

That fifth carrot is entirely unacceptable because while it may very well have been a murder, and I totally feel for the Briggs family (Officer Briggs helped save the alleged murderer's life on prior occasion when he was shot) there's been no adjudication of any such thing..

Read this post on it:


See, by way of background the Union Leader had vilified me initially when I was under indictment, but did eventually issue a good story that was submitted by a stringer that may be seen at the "dismissed" link or here:


The Union Leader owes it to the Constitution to change that carrot to "shooting death" until or unless "Stix" Addison is convicted, dammit.


Anonymous said...

A closer look needs to be taken in the case of the death of both Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay. The young Kenney boy is not the only person this officer singled out and relentlessly harassed. He is being made out to be a hero and he most certainly is not. I am not saying he deserved to die by any means but this was far more than a routine traffic stop. McKay had increased his harassment of the Kenney boy in recent weeks as many people know. The law had not stood on Kenney's side or heard his words for help in the past. He asked for another cop to bear witness because he sensed there was a problem. Why did he sense trouble? Who said he was "speeding"? McKay? There are circumstances (witnesses) that strongly allude to the fact that McKay was after Kenney that eve. It was disguised as a routine traffic stop. Kenney was obviously was pushed to the brink. This police officer had numerous complaints about his behavior but he slid under the umbrella of the law. Look at his long history and if you can get people to talk you will find that Kenney was not the only person that had problems with McKay. He was a bully cop.

Christopher King said...


That's exactly why I posted the link about Michael Isreal's case:

In that case they even charged him with DUI and I knew for a fact he didn't drink or do drugs; I used to meet clients at Mac's Cafe in Columbus and he didn't even want to meet me there because of the alcohol.

Officers Hensley and Rhodes even choked him a bit, claiming he was the aggressor.

No Officer McKay did not deserve to be shot and killed and run over like that, but OTOH none of us were there when Officer McKay broke Mr. Kenney's jaw, either. And that case was dismissed for lack of witness as I understand it.


And I still want to go to that tennis camp if I have the money and time before I leave for California; if I do at least they know I'm coming with an open mind (and one hell of a backhand, if not a troublesome forehand).


Anonymous said...

McKay had been told to stay away from Kenney and Kenney had been told he had the right to request another officer if an encounter were to happen with McKay. McKay denied him of that right last Friday night. What followed was deadly for both men. Who is responsible? Is it okay for the Police Department to allow mentally unstable individuals to remain employed? Liko was NOT speeding so of course, he was not comfortable in the situation. What about gun control? Liko obviously was not stable enough to have had a gun. And please, if people want to pat some vigalante on the back that shoots someone several times (yes, the press hasn't heard that), go ahead but what makes what Liko did any different than the former marine? Liko was in his car attempting to drive away. Floyd, a civilian pointed a gun at him and told him to drop the gun. Now, would that actually not give Liko the right to protect himself under the law? Floyd "assumed" Liko was reloading his gun so he chose to shoot at his head six times while the passenger dodged the bullets. Liko was not as fortunate. He murdered Liko and endangered the life of another. I will not say at this time what he then did to this passenger but it was downright freaky.

Christopher King said...

I smell something bad here too, and it's based on common sense, stemming from the agreement that Mr. Kenney had with the police that, based on their prior exchanges he had the right to request another officer.

BTW have you read the footnote to this (and potentially other) cases I wrote as NAACP legal chair about police/citizen relations?


No one was "right" that evening, but my Spidey-senses tell me that Officer McKay (RIP) was not entirely following police procedure as Attorney Ayotte suggests (because he should have called for backup) but that there was residual animus at issue.

Believe me, I've had police screw me over at times (although most police and I get along very well) so I know how it can happen, as does my client Michael Isreal, as noted.

Why not call another officer for backup?

And now an entire community grieves and two men are dead.

I almost can't stop thinking about this it is so very very bad.

Feel free to email me on the DL and I will never reveal your identity unless or until you so desire, and feel free to spread this blawg entry link:


....wherever you so choose because we need to discuss this issue in a rational manner. That's the power of the Internet and 21st Century Communications and Civil Rights.

That's why I'm here.



Anonymous said...

I did just read about your prior case but am very tired and not sure I understood it all. I cannot sleep due to my anger and sorrow over this tragedy that need not have happened.

The Kenney/Miller family have never been notified of Liko's death or the circumstances involving it. They do not even know where his body is. The Police Department has made absolutely no contact with them whatsoever.

You would love the camp and all the people that come with it. It is an eclectic and interesting family - good hearted.

Christopher King said...


Email me off page at kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting (disturbing)how quickly the state of New Hampshire decided not to press any charges against the vigilante that murdered Liko. Rumors abound here in Franconia. So why has there been no statement released from Caleb who was a passenger in Liko's car and an obvious witness to this entire tradgedy. There has been hardly a mention of him in any media. From what I've "heard" his story didn't quite fit the "routine traffic stop" senerio. Nor did it corroborate the vigilante's story of the events. Here are a couple things to ponder. If he felt so threatened, why did Liko's killer not also shoot Caleb? (Thank whatever little goodness that is left in that prick that he didn't.) Furthermore, How long after someone kills a cop is it open season on their head? 5 minutes, 10 minutes,is there a time limit? I feel bad that this guy is a war veteran and obviously disturbed (he did murder Liko in front of his 12 year old son), but he obviously intended to murder Liko the moment he pried Mckay's gun from his cold dead hands. How did he know exactly what had happened anyhow? I know Liko, and he never would have harmed a stranger(unless they were pointing a gun at him). Sounds like; a dead cop is a license to kill anyone in the vicinity. I just hope Liko's family files a wrongful death suit in civil court against this a-hole. Not for the money, FOR THE TRUTH!!!

Christopher King said...

I pretty much concur.

I was just waiting for someone else to say it.

If you want the KingCast cameras up there let us know.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous from Anonymous,

Please tell everyone you know that this site and other's are available to voice your true opinion to the rest of this country. Call anonymously to the newspaper (local and national). I have done it and have gotten through to the proper people to speak with. Challenge the media to look deeper for the truth, although it is not very deep to get at. Let the media know that you expect them to stay focused on the truth and not be puppets to the powers that be in the state and town. If you support the family, let them know, reach out and tell them how you feel through letters, calls, posting on the web, speaking out to local media, etc. The family needs the support to carry them through this very tragic time. There is true power in numbers and the community that supports Liko and the Kenney/Miller clan need to rise and support them. They need the support of the community they have loved through the generations. They love their town and the state of NH. This has been a deep blow to them all. The more support the better. Please spread the word.

Thank you, Anonymous

Christopher King said...

Absolutely. Eternal vigilence is indeed the price of liberty.


While I'll likely be in California before any major event takes place in this matter (my friend and supporter is in town to discuss those plans set to take place this summer), I'll be but a keystroke away, and in the meantime if there is any way for me to help memorialize the concerns of the community through video I would love to do it.

Peace and Love to everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

What do you mean about video taping??? For your site here?

Anonymous said...

There are big holes in this story.

How convenient that a passerby was able have his son call the police and kill Kenny at the same time????

Sounds like the guy who killed Kenny was also part of a deal that didn't go down..

Where was Kenny an hour before his death? The guy who shot him was he also out to get him? Was this a drug deal that went bad?

Charlie Duffy

Anonymous said...

Small town cop with big Balls

Small town ex= marine who is also trigger happy.

Liko Kenny had the biggest balls of them all.

I guess there is real crime in franconia NH? No there isn't. It's about law enforcement policy going astray with nothing better to to.

The cop who killed kenny is divorced for a good reason. He probably pepper sprayed his ex wife and beat her.

A Big ball cop and a young kid is dead because the cop didn't use good judgemet.

I'm sure Kenny wasn't even speeding.

Liko Kenny is a Hero for not putting up with this cop's crap.

Land of the Free home of the Slaves.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable!! Today the state is closing the case on McKay and Kenney. They are saying that the passenger, Caleb's statement is unreliable because he was under the influence of pepper spray. Hhhmmm, so wouldn't that mean that Liko too was under the influence of pepper spray from the assault by the officer?

They most certainly do not want Caleb's account because he said Liko asked several times for a back up officer, not once and sped away. He stated a final time that he wanted another officer before pulling away. Liko was not driving at a high speed. McKay rammed them off the road, pulled around and slammed them head on suspending the car 20 to 30 ft. in the air. Then he pepper sprayed them.

Floyd has his only history with the law and was disturbed himself. He shot Liko several times, bullets flying all around Caleb. After having commanded Liko to drop his gun and killing him based on his assumption that Liko did not. He really couldn't tell if he had or not, this man COMMANDED Caleb to pick up Liko's gun!!!! WHY would he want Caleb to pick up the gun after just shooing Liko for possibly still holding it???? Yeah, sounds kind of weird....looks like he was looking for a license to shoot him too. Caleb refused to do it...sounds sane to me but hey, he was under the influence of pepper spray. After refusing to do so Floyd holding the gun on him told him to get out of the car. Caleb did so and stood still but this dude shot several bullets around Cale's feet and said, "Stay where you are. don't move!" Caleb didn't move.

A nurse on the scene wanted to administer CPR to Liko and was not allowed to but was told to do so for McKay. Liko never received medical attention - ever.

I am not going to pretend that it was okay for Liko to shoot McKay. It wasn't, but how different is what Floyd did to Liko? There are no hero's here, none. Only victims of poor choice and mental health.

Liko has is own history but many in the community knew he was getting his life on a good track and making headway towards a good life. He had his issues but there was hope for him. Yes, there is a police file on him.

McKay was in his 40's and not likely to give up using his badge inappropriately any time soon. Yes, their is a mountain of complaints about his mistreatment to citizens.

Floyd is a victim of war and the ravages that come from the trauma of it. He has his own record with the police department. He was problematic as well.

This is a story of mental health and inappropriate use of power. That goes for the states behavior as well. Corruption begets corruption, from the state level down to the civilian.

Christopher King said...

Wow, this is a dirty dirty deal, no doubt.

If my film maker can do it I'm sure he would do it for a very reasonable rate and of course it would be a KingCast video but I would be willing to bet he would grant liberal license for its use.

I'm disgusted and moving to the West Coast; I've seen enough evil on the East Coast to hold me over for a lifetime.

Can you believe I've got two (2) Restraining Orders against me here, one by the NAACP relating to me posting Deposition Testimony online involving that idiot (and subsequently fired) Jaffrey Chief Dunn with whom they fell into bed (I beat it, watch "Day in Nashua" on KingCast) and one from American Tower, calling me a Dangerous Black Man for properly requesting Overtime wages:


Goddamn right I'm a Dangerous Black man, but only when you're telling lies and doing evil.

While Mr. Kenney's Uncle said he harbors no animosity toward Mr. Floyd, a wrongful death lawsuit would need to be filed to get to the bottom of this because it's patently obvious the State wants this whole thing shown in the light least favorable to Mr. Kenney and most favorable to Officer McKay.

And that just ain't right.



Anonymous said...

people say things when they are scared........this is just one uncle

Anonymous said...

Police enforcement of what?
A 24 year old kid trying to live his life.

The main stream media making him look like a dirty felon. Just a kid who was trying to grow up and find himself.

This cop grew up in New York City.
It seems that he brought NY city with Him... was this because he was also a trouble maker in New York city in His youth?

I was beaten by the Lincoln Police
and I told them so.

There response was . We do thing different up here. As if they are above the law.

I can see it know, Hey dad can we go camping in Northern New Hampshire?, No son, the cops are bad asses up there.

New Hampshire, The vacation State has been can canceled this year.

If anyone would like to see the pictures of my beating by the Lincoln NH police please email me at Budgettelecom1@verizon.net

Charles Duffy

Wenham, Ma.

Christopher King said...

Mr. Duffy has led an interesting life.

And so too, has his friend Kevan Fulmer, who won a ridiculous criminal case after he allegedly threatened an FBI agents.

Click on "Kevan Fulmer" to read about that case, U.S. v. Fulmer, Case No. 96-1331, which was handled by Judge Lindsay, who made some rather interesting discovery decisions in my case against American Tower Corporation as well:



Franc Tireur said...

I grew up in Berlin in the 80's and 90's, so I know EXACTLY the mindset of the LEO's up there in the so-called Great Northwoods. 80% of them are on some type of power-trip because they are either a) flatlanders who bring their cultural stereotypes with them from the south, or b) local kids who are bitter because they couldn't make it out of their hick towns and do better. The remaining 20% are cool which makes any encounter with them, ummm, interesting?

I read the Union Leader every weekday, so I found it strange that on Monday the top stories were all dead cop this, dead cop that, and I really had to dig to figure out what in the hell actually happened to dead cop.

After reading the initial accounts I sensed cover-up, and subsequent revelations are certainly pointing in that direction.

Nothing about this situation surprises me, and it's nice to see that the GOB network is still alive and kicking back in NH.

Rick LaPoint (no relation to any police chief in NH)
Berea, KY

P.S. I just spent five years in Tucson, and can attest to the fact that things aren't much better out west, Chris.

Christopher King said...

Thanks, Franc yes the cover-up is incredible and again not that I wish anyone to die, all of the salient issues presented in my recent "Why didn't McKay call for backup?" post


.....that were intentionally ignored are now indelibly etched into the Internet.

Run "Franconia Tragedy" on Google search and I'm on top.

It's all I can do and even if I got my license back tomorrow I'm not sure I could help much unless I was clerking the case for a big lawyer with sack, or huevos depending on gender.


Here's what I said:

[A backup should have been called anyway because Officer McKay]believed he had to:

a) engage in a vehicular pursuit;
b) ram Mr. Kenney's vehicle off the road;
c) deploy pepper spray (then turn his back)

Read the comments section for the entire exchange, as well as an online exchange between a petite woman from the area and me. See, as a law clerk for Terry Gilbert, Esq. and as a young solo attorney after 4 years with Ohio's AG office I studied a lot of police protocol in cases including the bogus traffic stop of Michael Isreal on our way to a $58,500.00 settlement, and I can tell you the minute someone drives away from a routine traffic stop, it immediately ceases to be a routine traffic stop and it's time to call for backup for everyone's safety.

Query, just how fast was the pursuit?

If it was slow, then there was time to call backup.

And if it was fast, then there certainly should have been a backup call.

Common sense looses out to the blue wall of honor.


As to being out West, I dated a woman from Prescott, AZ and she said things were cool there; very different if you pick your area carefully.

My friend who has lived where I'm going for years informs me that where I'm going it's a very, very different scene; much more palatable.


Franc Tireur said...

Run a google on "liko kenney" and this thread on your blog is #2 on the list.

Good job!

This is where it starts. Yes it is a tragedy that Bruce and Liko were both killed in this incident, but one has to ask: why are two people dead over a speeding infraction? If Liko had a problem with the officer in question (which has been made abundantly clear), why did this face-off transpire?

It's not like the cop didn't know who he was, where he lived, and couldn't back-off and send the Statey's to deal with him in the morning if there was no backup available? I mewan we are talking about Franconia here... not Littleton or Gorham.

This cop had it out for him, and he actually surprised the cop by being armed.

What makes no sense to me is that the cop forces the car off the road, rams it repeatedly, pepper-sprays the occupants and then walks away and allows himself to be shot in the back?


And the third person had a police scanner in his car? Isn't that illegal in NH?

Man, this whole thing stinks in so many ways it isn't funny.


Christopher King said...

Goddamn scanners may be illegal in NH, especially for Floyd, who was a convicted felon at least until someone let him off the hook or something.


It has been a long held belief that owning and using a police scanner is illegal. The truth is that owning and using a scanner for use in your own home is legal, however, there are some things that are illegal to do with a scanner

[Was Floyd at home? I don't think so]

It may sound complicated, but don’t worry, if you are a law-abiding citizen and are not a convicted felon, there you should not have a problem. The following resources listed below contain further information where you can learn more about scanning laws that may apply in your state.

Anonymous said...

Bruce was a strict cop. Liko had several run ins with Bruce. They did not like one another. Liko had a record of small time offences, the worst of which, to my knowledge was assaulting a police officer,(Bruce).
Liko may have been a petty criminal, but moments before he died, he became a murderer.

Christopher King said...

Well let's dig a little deeper, shall we, in accordance with the Concord Monitor's editorial:


.....noting that the police tapes should be released.

You have noticed that whenever the police believe they are in the right they typically produce the tapes, right?

From a recent post:

"Where's the extensive video debriefing of the shooter, his kid, the kid in the car with kenney at the time of the shooting...where is the result of all this careful questioning? did it take place in the first regard?"

I have produced the entire comment in the comments section herein. Now in a post from this morning I ask the unthinkable (at least by mainstream media): What if Liko Kenney was not speeding in the first place?

That would change the complexion of this case 180 degrees, because then you have a kid scared shitless who was pulled over for no legitimate reason, rammed off the road and pepper-sprayed by a cop with whom he had tussled on prior occasion and got his head knocked in a bit. Then the cop turns his back and walks away with a swagger.... to do what, exactly I'm sure Mr. Kenney wondered. If it happened that way how many of us can honestly say we might not want to off that cop, too? And remember, I say this as a former AAG who has successfully sued and represented police officers. Let's open a real investigation to clarify things for the sake of the souls of each man and their respective families and the community-at-large.

I'll say it again: The black box of Officer McKay’s car would likely tell us how fast he was or was not going prior to ramming Mr. Kenney’s car off the road. As a car enthusiast, I know that much."


This case is not as simple as it was made to appear.


Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that anyone has looked CLOSELY at McKay's history; not just with Liko, but most teens in the area. Does anyone remember the innocent kids assaulted and pepper sprayed by McKay at Profile High School a few years ago? Any way you look at this tragedy, McKay should never have been in such a powerful position of authority. His badge should have been revoked LONG ago.

Anonymous said...

Please be aware that the folks posting comments negative in relation to Bruce Makay and how he performed his duties, probably are some of the same people that were ticketed, or were otherwise called to task for their run ins with the FPD. The fact is in his 12 year's on the FPD there were TWO complaints filed against him. One from a local lowlife, and one by the FFD (two officers) for shining lights on them at the scene of an accident he was trying to illuminate. The local man that filed a complaint had a history of assaulting police officers, and didn't like the methods Bruce Makay used to deal with him. This is fact. You can look it up in the town hall.

Christopher King said...

Dear 8:24:

I have spoken with many, many adults who are hardly "low-lifes" but who had a serious problem with Officer McKay's attitude.

Many of them express guilt to me that they didn't step up sooner.

Again, take a look at Briggs v. McKay, the difference is night and day. I had not one thing bad to say about Officer Briggs; I was there in Manchester when he ran up into that fire and whatnot. For a cop to "earn" the reputation that McKay has, it takes some serious input.


And when I was up there it was pretty evident that it's not just the kids and low-lifes or those who have been ticketed who have a problem.

Seeing, visiting and knowing is believing.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

visiting and interviewing people is nice. Did you notice how many of us did not want to talk to the press? It's because there was a move afoot to capitalize on a terrible event, most of the folks doing the talking negatively about cpl Makay had an axe to grind for one reason or another. If they had real, sound complaints wouldn't you think they would have taken action before? Whether you like how he did his job or not, that is no reason to justify his murder, and that's what is happening. There is absolutly no excuse for Liko's actions NONE...PERIOD. I have lived here for a very long time and am very familiar with all participants, and folks of both sides of this argument. I feel bad for Dave and Michelle, and I feel bad for Bruce's family. I can not justify murder.

Anonymous said...

so the video of liko and cpl makay's encounter in 2003 is out....check it out...does liko strike you as a peace loving law abiding citizen? Doe cpl Makay strike you as an over bearing policeman?....I'm sure that the next video will show just how loving and peaceful liko is

Anonymous said...

live free or die.