02 May 2007

KingCast, Kirkpatrick's Corner and Lock Street A & P Market file with Senator Judd Gregg; add to complaints against Vericomm and MBF Leasing.

As you can see by the bogus lease and the fraud complaint that A & P store owner Raghunandan Patel filed against these creeps, it's the exact same modus operandi as suffered by Kirkpatrick's Corner Store's Suman Adhikari; Nashua Police Complaint No. 07-2331-OF; FTC Complaint No. 10528047; NH AG Complaint No. (TBD).

Review the history in these/three/posts:
"We've got a great debit/credit card service in your neighborhood..... just sign right here and we'll fill in the rest so you can switch your service over...."

Then you get hit with a 48-month lease for a $300.00 piece of equipment. This time it was $169.95/mo. instead of $99.95/mo. they leveled at Kirkpatrick's.

As I note in this letter to U.S. Senator Gregg and to NH AG Kelly Ayotte, the small business owner is the backbone of American Society, already under specific threat from Wal-Mart, in addition to the general threat that the entire middle class is feeling in this Country..... They don't need any more nonsense from companies like Vericomm and its ilk. I visited Hudson Stop on Route 102 this morning and found out that like the folks in Maryland Diversity Fraud Case 8:2006-CV-01961, they too have sued and may be willing to come forward as well.

This should be set out to the entire country by Senator Gregg and Attorney Ayotte so that the AP picks it up; that would no doubt help alert unsuspecting merchants going forward. Later, breaking up the companies would be great, too -- but like a giant cockroach the eggs would likely propagate and they would no doubt come back as another despicable business entity, perhaps even worse.


These Nepalese and Indian men... sure are... colored, but the NAACP sure hasn't done much to help them. As can bee seen in the KingCast videos, its funny that the Nashua NAACP certainly could have used an advocate like me, but instead they sold me out and threw me under the bus when I was their Legal Chair, as noted in this post with Rosa Parks. Nah, they would rather have seen me in prison :)


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