31 May 2007

KingCast gains commercial play in Boston for Progressions Lounge.

The 30-second commercial spots for crafted by my film maker noted herein are rolling in Boston as you read this. Click on "video" at the Progressions Lounge website. It's got the ladies, it's got the hombres, and it's got the vibes. Too funny, though, that the video makes it appear as if I can actually dance well. I'm okay out there, but nothing like James Brown, just okay. Just goes to show that media can make you look like an ass or an angel -- and too much time has been making Liko Kenney look like an ass and Bruce McKay and Shooter Floyd appear to be almost angelic. Some locals say otherwise.

I know how that is. Read "Voice of this blawg." about that bullshit prosecution I went through as NAACP legal chair by a cracker-assed cop who eventually got fired and his prosecutor resigned under an ethics investigation. Here's a quote from Daily Kos:
"Those whose lives are lived 'beneath the radar,' devoid of the mind-blowing shock of outrageous selection for violation of basic human rights, can never understand what it is to undergo an ordeal such as the one that was inflicted upon Christopher King.

When those who have the power invested in them by virtue of being elected, or appointed to, positions of public trust choose to carry out a vendetta against one (such as Christopher King) who demands to be treated with respect and within the confines of the law, but who rubs the institutional feathers the wrong way, it is all too common that those of us who live our lives in comfort choose to turn away, too fat and lazy to come to the aid of a fellow human being who, by the very act of standing up for his own human rights, stands up for us all."

Anyway, as to the God and Devil portrayals in the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy, I think the Truth lies somewhere in between, so that's what I will be continuing to explore, open and present to all possibilities.


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Anonymous said...

Here's my first amendment rant: Since you think it's perfectly OK to refer to people of European descent as "crackers" I feel it is my moral obligation to tell you to shut your bigoted, "nigger" mouth. Self righteous jackasses like you give us all a bad name.