07 May 2007

KingCast catches up with guitarist Trent Berry.

While I'm on my music kick with this Cold War Kids/Minuteman post, I thought I should find my old law school friend Trent Berry, a Guitar Player Magazine top 100 dude in 2000 IIRC. Well hear he is on the myspace, still a 5'6" bad-ass, as the comments indicate.

I won't even get into the funny stories we've seen and experienced hanging out with our respective girlfriends (actually he was across the street when Megan and I got that gun pulled on us but that wasn't exactly funny) but I will say it was great watching him play with the likes of Robert Lockwood, Jr and Mr. Downchild in the local venues like Fat Fish Blue. He didn't finish law school with me at Case Western, instead going back to his roots as a musician, and his presence was sorely missed. Rock on, brother.


Christopher King said...

So funny how time is irrelevant with a good friendship. Trent wrote me back immediately and we're All Good, about to get some things up.

Back in law school Trent, Lesleigh Firestone (yes, that Firestone family) and I were the Volkswagen buddies.

I had the GTi:


Trent had an 8v Scirocco and Lesleigh had a 16v Scirocco. After Trent's broke down in my backyard for a coupla' weeks my dad was like,

"Hey you know Trent's like the brother you never had, but he's got to get that POS Scirocco outta' here!"

Too funny.

Lesleigh now goes by Anne and last I knew she was a prosecutor in Columbus who no longer talked to me after I won the Jerry Doyle case seen at KingCast in American Lawyer I, and noted in this Columbus Alive cover story:


.......that will never receive a follow-up because the Columbus Dispatch bought out the Alive a while back. And I'll probably never kiss or make out with Lesleigh again either but hey that's life :)

In life, you can never go back. But the Good Thing is you can always go forward.


Anonymous said...

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