25 May 2007

KingCast asks why some cops think it's okay to violate folks they don't like.

I will preface my comments by saying that I have had an opportunity to be pulled over by Nashua PD a couple times since I've moved here (one time was just to ask me about my BMW 2002tii) and they have been courteous and thoroughly professional each and every time. That having been said, I saw an exchange on 24 May 2007 over at the WMUR forum where 03850lifer queries whether a comment posited that celebrated a possible gang rape of Liko Kenney -- with whom in some ways I am a kindred spirit as noted herein -- was issued by a law enforcement official. Here then, is my response:


Hey 03580lifer, some cops get off on that notion of someone they don't like being violated in prison.

You may have noted in my letter to NH AG Ayotte, demanding release of the police video that fired Jaffrey Chief Dunn actually laughed at a hate mail letter suggesting I was going to get gang-raped in prison:

What's up with that? Lawlessness is lawlessness, but some cops have a set of laws all their own, apparently.

Remember the guys at MASScops who were so upset with me they actually called the NAACP the "National Association of Asshole-Colored People" and falsely called me a criminal (before any trial ever took place and as you know, a trial never took place because the state properly dropped the charges)

Sadly, these cops ruin the reputation of the Good Ones.

Oh, but you're a suspended attorney, King. Yep. Read why here, relative to the "nigger-lover" landlord rhetoric and whatnot. Right now it's all about the money to get back in; I did my one year suspension 5 years ago.

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Anonymous said...

I hear some of the NH LE get off on doing excessive "cavity checks" too.