31 May 2007

KingCast asks precisely why WMUR failed to include his reply on the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy?

The other day WMUR, which has a forum dedicated to the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy -- allowed a cop "MPSSG" to erroneously post that I was "Disbarred." They have a stated policy that they screen for inaccuracies and offensive comments, but interestingly enough they let that one slip through, even though a cursory check reveals that I was suspended for a year in 2002 relative to the "nigger-lover" case. That's a material distinction, folks.

I responded to that post two days ago, they updated the site yet they failed to print my response, as I noted in the comments section to this post.

Funny, their own feature on me correctly noted that my license was suspended (and for one year, not 2 or 3 as some lawyers get), which is a far (and material) cry from "disbarred." Disbarred means you ain't coming back. I fully plan on coming back, you bet.

Nice. Perhaps I need to sue the living sh*t out of them to get my point across and see what their defense is. They should consider this a warning because I'll put my First Amendment knowledge up against anyone, anywhere, anytime and I seldom lose, whether I have a license or not. Just won another First Amendment battle with the New Hampshire School Boards Association (NHSBA) today, in point of fact.


Anonymous said...

Looks like we have been shut down by the mass media.

Christopher King said...

I know. They suck, that's why we showed my entire press conference on my arraignment day in KingCast video "Press Conference," in which I discuss media hype.

WMUR in turn only ran my perp walk out there and a very, very quick soundbite that could have been taken negatively by the way they edited it.

They can kiss my ass and give me a reach-around, no namaste for them.

Christopher King said...

And they will get a cease and desist letter from me; I just want to see their response.

And then I might just sue them, using not only this little clampdown, allowing publication of a defamatory statement, but also using their portrayal of my situations on prior occasion.

You know we've got ALL of that in the Mac.


Christopher King said...

And you think I'm fucking around, I'm not fucking around:

The Nashua Telegraph got popped good for Defamation recently by a damn convict, no less:


So there you go.

Anonymous said...

interesting... they've updated the date and time on the news forum page to read that the last post was made 6/2 at 22:01, but the last post is actually still 5/31 at 17:37. lame.

Christopher King said...

Meanwhile my post to them still does not appear.

The cease and desist letter will go out soon.