15 May 2007

KingCast applauds Concord Monitor for soliciting community comment on Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay shooter Floyd and the Franconia tragedy.

Someone noted in one of my three posts on this matter that the Concord Monitor is seeking public commentary from the community, as a newspaper of integrity should do.
The Concord Monitor is looking for people that will speak out about [Edit: this issue]. It is becoming increasingly apparent to all that there is far more to this story. You can give information anonymously if you choose by calling 1-800-464-3415 - ext.323 ask for Annie Marie Timmins or email at: atimmins@cmonitor.com

As a former reporter ,KingCast says bravo, guys.

BTW I'm not a cop hater, represented and sued them, raced cars with them and had a drink with one tonight who saw an NAACP President try to scarf $150.00 bail money off of him during a routine arrest.

I know a lot of people love to hate me, or downplay my thoughts because I'm a suspended attorney, but that will change (and even if it didn't my arguments are still valid) and then what do you have to say other than "well you were suspended..." Frankly, you should instead read about how I defended a bogus criminal charge and got my client the largest non-critical-injury police case settlement in Hamilton, OH to date.

"You're going to be a great politician because you're a realist," the officer said as his wife concurred.

I blushed, and told him I would keep on keepin' on, as Mother Ann told me to do.

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Christopher King said...

This is one heck of a comment just posted on the Wrongful Death entry and it says everything I'm already thinking:


No one in the Kenney family said that Kenney should have or had the right to shoot McKay so I don't know where you are getting your information.

McKay had personal issues and was not mentally fit to serve as a police officer. It is well known that his wife left him because he violently abused her. More than the Kenney boy had trouble with him. He was a harasser as a cop towards the people he singled out.

Liko did have his own mental issues and that is also quite clear. He made very poor choices and he is responsible for his own actions. The agreement about Liko asking for another officer was not only given for Liko but offered protection to the Department that McKay be kept in line with his own behavior. Do you think the police were stupid enough to have it in writing?

The crazy motorist is the worst of all of them. Check out his history. His dealings with the police are far darker than Liko's and he has even made threats on two police officers claiming he could have given them a third eye because he was sitting on his ruger.

If Liko's behavior was unjustified and it was so was this man's that is being labeled as a hero. Neither was okay and Floyd created as great a criminal act as Kenney.

I tried to tell people he was not a good man and now you can read it in the Union Leader and many other articles. He was disturbed. Next it will come out that this nut ordered Caleb to pick up liko's gun after blowing Liko's brains out because he "supposedly" was re-loading. What do you think he wanted him to pick it up for? Seems pretty clear to me. Caleb refused.

Nothing is black and white and there area many issues surrounding this situation.

They were all in the wrong - no one is to be glorified and no one person should be made the villian. It is small minded to label Liko as skum but call someone with Floyd's history a hero.

The cops are holding the file complaints against McKay pretty tight and all records of lawsuits against him have been removed from the court house. I wonder why? McKay once arrested, hand cuffed and dragged a man off to jail that had an expired sticker on his dumpster. He picked and choice his targets. Bet they have been pretty busy with their paper shredder.

I will say again - The police are supposed to protect the community but who is protecting the community from the police.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

I posted 2 times on your site about contacting a particular paper. I see that I wrote it in a manner that appeared the reporter was specifically looking for negative information. It was not my intention and is not a reflection on the reporters desires at all but of mine. Please remove those 2 posts as I do not want to cause damage to a reporter's rep.

Christopher King said...

I will make the adjustments and always strive to maintain accuracy.

Now as to whether or not the police are destroying records pertaining to complaints about Officer McKay I don't know.

But if there were complaints and if the department failed to adequately investigate them, and if the department is indeed destroying them, that's a serious, serious issue that should be investigated forthwith.


N. B. Forrest said...

"McKay had personal issues and was not mentally fit to serve as a police officer."

So now you're a mental health expert as well as a legal one? Or was your license to practice psychiatry suspended the same time your license to practice law was?

Your drivel isn't worth the time it takes to read.

Christopher King said...

Well if you could read straight you would see that was a comment from someone else, dickweed.

And unlike some blogs, like Daily Kos, I never remove posts and comments so that everyone can have their say.

And if you think my drivel isn't worth reading, then don't. Get your own blawg, do your own thing, whatever, dude:


But you might enjoy reading "9/11 and the negative space," as noted in this post celebrating firefighters and police who gave their lives protecting U.S. citizens.


Now get back to whether it was reasonable to terminate the investigation in 24-48 hours given Floyd's SUBSTANTIATED history as a friggin' maniac.


Christopher King said...

Apparently Mr. Forrest is attempting to mimic the ignorance and hatred of some of the guys at MASScops.com, who erased my posts, called the NAACP a bunch of "Asshole-colored people," and actually thought that "blawg" was urban street slang as opposed to being the construct of the well-educated white male society.


That's too bad.


William Hearst said...

Its not that people love to hate you, not at all. Its that people love to mock you, that is all. Nothing really personal, it doesn't matter that much, this is just a silly blog. Which you yourself are a tongue in cheek participant.

Go to California already, with their unique take on jurisprudence, you are sure to make some money.

Christopher King said...

But of course!

The blawg is at once silly but deadly serious. In this case,those issues concerning Mr. Floyd's background and known altercations with the police should give anyone substantial pause when considering the dismissal of any and all investigations so quickly.

Mr. Kenney was not the only loose "cannon" out there that night.