30 May 2007

KingCast and major media secure production of police video in Franconia Notch shooting tragedy.

Yep. While we saw a current, licensed law official vacillate (read: backpedal) and several others attempt to question my integrity, once again I am right. The police video (presumedly in its entirety) will be shown and we will see what's up. As my best friend and I used to say in law school, if it be so.... so be it.

Why some folks (cops) on this board have to try to malign my integrity is fool's folly, especially as I've already gone through that nonsense with NH AG Kelly Ayotte's office and prevailed, duh.

Still they come up in here, stroke my ego and catch me flossin' but good. Liko would dig it. If they stop, I'll just say it's because I called them out. And if they keep posting, I'm still right. Dummies. Fred Sanford would be proud. Dum-Dum-Dum Da-Da....

Anyway, I'll see you cats in Franconia soon.



Christopher King said...

That's just the n*gga in me so deal with it.

Never Ignorant Gets Goals Accomplished.


Narcissus said...

It is so all about you. Thanks for reminding us.

Anonymous said...

Even video will leave many questions unanswered and state and federal gun laws unenforced against Liko's murderer. Video cannot answer: Was Liko speeding? What was the legal status of Liko's right to request an officer other than McKay (AG Ayotte says this was not court ordered). What force was reasonable in the circumstances, who decides, and what analysis was or should be applied? Did Liko intend to kill McKay? Did Floyd intend to kill Liko and Macauley? Was McKay alive when Floyd murdered Liko? Legal judgment of "justice" in this case demands answers to all of these questions. Video alone is only a beginning to such analysis.

Only NH officials have judged alleged facts to date. Given severe criticisms and doubts by Franconia residents, some of whom have posted apparently sincere allegations of coverup here and elsewhere, much work remains in this case. No one should feel safe in the Whites where gun felons run free simply because (sadly) a policeman died under very
unclear circumstances.

Christopher King said...

It wasn't about me until the cops who write in to this blawg tried to assail my character with each and every keystroke while choking on their own promises to support release of the video and car computer information.

Here's where Officer Forrest is shownBig Time wiggin' :



As I noted in a previous post, the cops tried (sucessfully) to put the focus on me in the Willie Toney case, got their bogus indictment, wasting taxpayer money that could have been spent on police training or another officer or cruiser, mind you -- and they never had to answer whether those three guns in Willie Toney's face for "loitering" constituted unlawful use of force.

Here are the police reports:



See, the Day has come with the Internet that the kind of beat-down people like me used to suffer can't happen anymore. People in the town see what time it is many of them support me.

It ain't about me.

It's about anyone who is a dissident in America today, as my Jewish brothers, including a tenured law professor and one of Cleveland's best attorneys for whom I worked note in letters right here:




Christopher King said...

Dear 5:45:

You are correct in part, but I think the video well help clarify more than cloud, certainly -- depending on what was captured. I hope we see the entire ordeal, and that way it could be instructive as to how fast Liko Kenney was driving when he pulled away, whether he willingly pulled over and such.....

.....and that in turn helps us understand what amount of force was reasonable for Officer McKay to use.

And we will likely be able to infer from time intervals whether

a) Officer McKay maced first without saying anything.

b) Shooter Floyd asked Liko Kenney to set his weapon down before shooting across Caleb to kill him.

And we may be able to see how Officer McKay became trapped under the car.

That's just off the top of my head.

Some things in life we have to do even as painful as they may be, to try to arrive at the Truth. The alternative is to live in a society in which the government tells us everything and we believe it, hook line and sinker.

That should never happen, much less in the "Live Free or Die" State, right?


Anonymous said...

I don't think that anything will be in the cruiser viewfinder after Liko attempted to leave. That means we miss alot.

Do they carry sound?

Christopher King said...

I don't think that anything will be in the cruiser viewfinder after Liko attempted to leave.

......I wouldn't be so certain of that.

That means we miss alot.

......See above.

Do they carry sound?

........They typically do carry sound these days, and I don't know if you know this or not, but the newspapers reported that the AG's office and police used the video in clearing Shooter Floyd, so there's has to be something substantial there, yo'.


Anonymous said...

Chris: I've been in court a lot. Video proves nothing "beyond a reasonable doubt". That's a human judgment. Video will not answer anonymous's questions to a criminal law standard, which is "beyond doubt", not "beyond inference".

You have been on the right track inferentially from the beginning.
You and many worry that there is criminal culpability of McKay and Floyd in the case. The inferences, and certainly alleged facts from your sources, raise clear and serious issues of doubt of whether the state has investigated the case fully, and rightly judged McKay and Floyd under the law. I have no doubt Floyd violated every conceivable deadly force statute standard now used in responsible law enforcement. Just Google FBI, ATF, and any other federal website associated with deadly force use and see the codes and regs. NH apparently upholds a much lower standard. Even the NH deadly force statute on my read requires that the "protected" be alive. Does NH think it's OK to kill people (Liko) to assess another's medical condition? At best this is what Floyd did, and if your sources are right, he did much more. No sane person can think that any of this is lawful. Do not assume that video alone will save the day for either side. It will take honest answers to hard questions from reliable witnesses, video, audio, probably forensic science, data from Mckay's vehicle (as you've said) and then clear thinking by honest people to get this case right.

I think many of these elements will eventually come to bear, and I hope those who know something come forward, especially to the NH US attorney's office, to help.
Sadly, like you, I see more questions glossed over and ignored by NH authorities than answered so far.

Anonymous said...

The state didn't even do a good job with the cover-up. EVERYONE that knew about the real issue at hand predicted the exact words used that would come out of the AG's mouth. It was like following a script. Her wet eyes and shaky voice was a nice addition.

Christopher King said...

12:34 (and 8:45).

Yes of course I understand your point about the video not being a be-all-end all, but it will be heavily probative.

And remember, the state allegedly used it to clear Shooter Floyd, so it will be interesting to see if it conclusively does that.

Also interesting that it's still not going to be produced for another 2 weeks according to Attorney Strelzin.


Anonymous said...


Read all the "Thin blue line" posts, and posts on N. Woodstock police suicide today. Thoughts:

1. One Franconia woman poster said the Kenney-McKay feud had a sexual, or child abuse, tenor. Another wildly speculated child abuse in some form may be known or tolerated in the region and may be linked to the murders-suicide. As a former caseworker, if true, such apparent facts will make full investigation very difficult unless brave souls with hard facts and sworn testimony come forward, preferably to the NH US attorney, since the NH AG is biased against the truth.

2. A poster, whose knows the people who own the murder situs property, said bullet holes in a barn there have not been investigated, and that McKay's hands were not tested for powder burns. This is incredible and should be documented.

3. A poster said Floyd shot Kenney through Macauley's passenger window glass; surely a basis for reckless endangerment charges vs Floyd under state and federal law.

4. A poster said Floyd's minor son has left the region. Why?

This mystery gets deeper every day. I hope people with clear knowledge speak to the NH US attorney, whose staff has said it will prosecute fact-driven criminal allegations.

My experienece causes me to think: Kenney is not guilty of murder based on his fears of imminent serious physical harm induced by McKay's conduct; NH knows this and refuses to deal with it; the feds may know it and are fence sitting;
there is a link between the N. Woodstock suicide and the Franconia deaths; Floyd should be fully investigated by the feds for gun felonies against persons and vehicles on federal lands.

Only then will there be possible closure. Anything less is a crime.

Anonymous said...


There is compelling circumstantial case for NH coverup in Franconia without N. Woodstock officer suicide (officer's apparent fatal illness de-links her anyway).

Justifiable homicide is defined in each state. NH (so far)says Floyd acted justifiably. It apparently will show video which it expects everyone to accept as conclusive. They should not. Review state and federal homicide and manslaughter statutes. Pro Kenney facts alleged on blogs build a case that Kenney was illegally provoked by McKay or perhaps excused due to psychological incapacity. These, were he alive, would convict Kenney of manslaughter at most.
Floyd, if blog allegations proved true, could be convicted of anything from reckless endangerment of Macauley to first degree murder of Kenney. The video likely will not resolve whether Kenney was speeding, whether Kenney had rights to another officer, whether Kenney intended to kill McKay; whether McKay was dead or alive when Floyd intervened; whether Floyd intended to murder or otherwise kill Kenney;
and whether Floyd intended to murder or otherwise kill or harm Macauley; beyond a reasonable doubt.

A web of facts must be interpreted for judgment. Simply knowing events happened does not explain why, and the law accounts for why.

The more one thinks of this case, the more likely it seems a trial will be required to get to why. NH has shown its bias by refusing to prosecute Floyd, despite a NH deadly force statute that does not permit murder to assess whether the
"protected" are alive or not, and certainly not to "protect" those already dead.

My read is NH supoorts murdering people whether or not the condition of the "portected" is known, at least where the "protected" is a downed officer. NH pads its case with allegation Kenney was a threat to Floyd, when it was Floyd who all agree confronted Kenney with a gun.
Of course, Macauley's version of evets destroys NH's case (AG Ayotte's email to me said Macauley supported the state's version of Floyd's story).

Again, if a fraction of what your sources say is true, you indeed have a blue wall coverup in NH.


Christopher King said...

Not only should the video be provided, so too muct Caleb's statement.

I will push for that if it is not promised on 4 June.