06 May 2007

KingCast and Crime and Federalism watch Dubya' slam hate crimes legislation.

Yep, here he comes, showing his true... umm... colours, as noted in this Crime and Federalism blawg entry; here is a CNN story. In 1999, he refused to sign the “James Byrd Hate Crimes Act” while he was governor by saying that “all crimes are hate crimes.”

Dear Mr. President: You are wrong because James Byrd was dragged to death behind a pickup truck solely because he was black.

I got into it with Windypundit who eventually acknowledged a "victory" for me, but I need to make it clear that it's not about a victory but instead it's really all about shared understanding, which he has now. As I understand it, the White House would veto only the sexual orientation aspect of the law, which I'm sure sends chills up the spine of Matthew Shepard's family's collective backs. FWIW I believe that crimes predicated solely out of sexual orientation should be included in hate crimes legislation.

Having hosted a hate crimes forum at Case Western Reserve Law School with the Ohio AG's office and Terry Gilbert, Esq. I have always maintained that hate crime legislation means that people are being punished for a separate crime; white folks trying to beat my girlfriend and me up because we took their spot on the pool table is one thing, but trying to beat us up because she's a "nigger lover" is a horse of a different colour, duh.

Here's the more troubling question I posed:
Now here's the tricky part: No white man ever pulled a gun on me, but some black men did, again when I was with Megan but their angle on it was that I was an Uncle Tom sellout. Didn't matter I was a Civil Rights law clerk at the time and they didn't give me too much time to explain that, either, but one of the dude's friends listened.

Still a hate crime?

Methinks so.

Too black for some and too white for others but life is still ALL GOOD :)

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