31 May 2007

KingCast and Cecil watch Cavs go up on Detroit. Again.

This time, unlike last year, they're gonna' finish them off after tonight's 109-107 win over Detroit. My fearless prediction. You should have heard me on the phone at work; the GM comes over with a smile and says "Can you guys keep it down to less than 400 decibels while I'm finishing my orders?"

Yeah, but barely. My pops and I have been through so many highs and lows with Cleveland it makes Boston baseball fans look like primadonnas. Here's a bit of background on Cleveland sports teams from my view, including the infamous "Piston Slap" post.

Related but unrelated post: This blawg is really all about Mother Ann (RIP), whose first husband was, ironically -- or not -- a lawyer. She was my dad's Great-Aunt. For those of you new to the Game, she always told me "Keep on keepin' on, Son." Funny when I wrote that post I was going to retire the blawg. To hell with that notion :)

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