04 May 2007

John McEnroe reads Chris King's First Amendment Page at Boston's Champions Series tour.

In an hootlarious coup for KingCast and Justiceforkids last night at the Outback Champions Series Boston tournament I walked past the feckless security guards and reintroduced myself to John, whom I hadn't seen in years. He may remember I asked one of the only lucid questions to him from the press corps when he won the 1989 RCA pro tournament in Indianapolis, so I already have a 2' x 3' autographed shot I took then with a Nikon 4004s, 70-200 lens. So my mission last night wasn't so much to get another autograph from him but rather to give him some daps for all those years of enjoyment the World has received from watching him practice his craft. So I gave him this tennis legends/reggae post and wished him luck Saturday against Pete Sampras -- who is hitting the ball as if he never left the tour, being Petr Korda 1 and 2, despite the fact that Korda actually was playing well.

Mac wasn't pushed too hard by Tim Mayotte, who stood in for Mats Wilander and lost 6-1, 7-5, and when it appeared that he wasn't going to beat Tim 6-0 in the first set (a bagel) I started the sh*t talking from courtside:
"Hey Mac I thought you were gonna' cook us a bagel tonight."
"Well the bagels just aren't as good up here [in Boston]... you've got some good pizza places, around though."
"I hear you my brother... nothing beats a New York bagel."

Too bad Vitas (RIP) couldn't be there to concur :(

PS: It was Arthur Ashe -- Mac's Davis Cup coach -- who implored me to go to law school when I interviewed him at Cincinnati's Walnut Hills High School in 1989 -- that's why his image on the U.S. Postage stamp is in "American Lawyer I" -- and the rest is history in the making, the ups, downs, good and bad. And there's a lot of Good left to come, including James O'Brien's book. I think companies like Vericomm and American Tower find all of it bad, but the First Amendment likes my crew and me well enough.

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At courtside, tournament officials had considered asking me to step in when Mats Wilander incurred a back injury, but alas I didn't have any tennis shoes with me. I'm sure John -- seen getting ready to toss his racket when he heard he might have to play me -- was greatly relieved he didn't have to face that vicious serve seen in "Live Revolution!"

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Christopher King said...

When John McEnroe and Pete Sampras were at the height of their games, in their respective eras, no one could touch them. The problem facing McEnroe on Saturday is that Pete still appears to be there after his five (5) year layoff, as he readily dispatched Petr Korda 6-1, 6-2 last night.

The thing about Sampras is that he's so good and big and strong it's almost boring. With McEnroe (or even Connors, compared to today's game) you never miss the human element involved because.... well because. If you've watched these guys you know what I'm saying. Good luck, John.

Honorable mention to Tood Martin, one of the nicest guys on the tour who couldn't quite win a major. His sister Amy and I were classmates at Case Western Law School.

PS: Sorry about the disposable camera pics; my film maker:


....who ironically played an junior match in St. Louis while Mac and Connors waited to play an exhibition -- couldn't make it with the nice film captures.