05 May 2007

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Last year on this historic day it was my dad prevailing over Bush toady and recess Labor appointee Peter Kirsanow on a case where Ricerca, LLC (nee Diamond Shamrock) told him to take a petty buyout because they were ceasing operations. Really they were pushing his old African-American arse out the door, as one of I believe 3 African-Americans who worked there in his career, which spanned five (5) decades.

Ceasing operations, of course, was a lie. Here's what was going on around the time they told my father, a dedicated 37-year employee as a chemist with a background in sales, straight from the mouth of Ricerca CEO Thomas Bradshaw in 2005:
“We see our growth as a result of two things,” Bradshaw says. “On the biotech side there was a healthy financing cycle between late 1999 and 2001. Lots of money poured into the biology discovery process and those biotechs are now moving to pre-clinical development stage and they have to outsource.

His case continues, and thankfully I too am in a much better place this year than last, as noted in this post where I discuss the voice of this blawg.

Today I'm about to play some tennis, and chillin' at Progressions Lounge and shooting another commercial spot (I'll upload the old one soon), but back in Columbus, I would have been at Tapatio all day, for the one-block walk through the park back home :)

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