31 May 2007

KingCast asks precisely why WMUR failed to include his reply on the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy?

The other day WMUR, which has a forum dedicated to the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy -- allowed a cop "MPSSG" to erroneously post that I was "Disbarred." They have a stated policy that they screen for inaccuracies and offensive comments, but interestingly enough they let that one slip through, even though a cursory check reveals that I was suspended for a year in 2002 relative to the "nigger-lover" case. That's a material distinction, folks.

I responded to that post two days ago, they updated the site yet they failed to print my response, as I noted in the comments section to this post.

Funny, their own feature on me correctly noted that my license was suspended (and for one year, not 2 or 3 as some lawyers get), which is a far (and material) cry from "disbarred." Disbarred means you ain't coming back. I fully plan on coming back, you bet.

Nice. Perhaps I need to sue the living sh*t out of them to get my point across and see what their defense is. They should consider this a warning because I'll put my First Amendment knowledge up against anyone, anywhere, anytime and I seldom lose, whether I have a license or not. Just won another First Amendment battle with the New Hampshire School Boards Association (NHSBA) today, in point of fact.

KingCast gains commercial play in Boston for Progressions Lounge.

The 30-second commercial spots for crafted by my film maker noted herein are rolling in Boston as you read this. Click on "video" at the Progressions Lounge website. It's got the ladies, it's got the hombres, and it's got the vibes. Too funny, though, that the video makes it appear as if I can actually dance well. I'm okay out there, but nothing like James Brown, just okay. Just goes to show that media can make you look like an ass or an angel -- and too much time has been making Liko Kenney look like an ass and Bruce McKay and Shooter Floyd appear to be almost angelic. Some locals say otherwise.

I know how that is. Read "Voice of this blawg." about that bullshit prosecution I went through as NAACP legal chair by a cracker-assed cop who eventually got fired and his prosecutor resigned under an ethics investigation. Here's a quote from Daily Kos:
"Those whose lives are lived 'beneath the radar,' devoid of the mind-blowing shock of outrageous selection for violation of basic human rights, can never understand what it is to undergo an ordeal such as the one that was inflicted upon Christopher King.

When those who have the power invested in them by virtue of being elected, or appointed to, positions of public trust choose to carry out a vendetta against one (such as Christopher King) who demands to be treated with respect and within the confines of the law, but who rubs the institutional feathers the wrong way, it is all too common that those of us who live our lives in comfort choose to turn away, too fat and lazy to come to the aid of a fellow human being who, by the very act of standing up for his own human rights, stands up for us all."

Anyway, as to the God and Devil portrayals in the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy, I think the Truth lies somewhere in between, so that's what I will be continuing to explore, open and present to all possibilities.


KingCast and Cecil watch Cavs go up on Detroit. Again.

This time, unlike last year, they're gonna' finish them off after tonight's 109-107 win over Detroit. My fearless prediction. You should have heard me on the phone at work; the GM comes over with a smile and says "Can you guys keep it down to less than 400 decibels while I'm finishing my orders?"

Yeah, but barely. My pops and I have been through so many highs and lows with Cleveland it makes Boston baseball fans look like primadonnas. Here's a bit of background on Cleveland sports teams from my view, including the infamous "Piston Slap" post.

Related but unrelated post: This blawg is really all about Mother Ann (RIP), whose first husband was, ironically -- or not -- a lawyer. She was my dad's Great-Aunt. For those of you new to the Game, she always told me "Keep on keepin' on, Son." Funny when I wrote that post I was going to retire the blawg. To hell with that notion :)

KingCast says on 31 May: Time for NHSBA decision; meanwhile NH AG Ayotte has done the right thing.

Allrighty then, here is your background. We saw yesterday how NH AG Kelly Ayotte has agreed with KingCast and other journalists that the video from the Franconia shooting tragedy be made public. Good.

To recap the other pending matter on deadline for today, I threatened to sue the Nashua School Board and they changed their restrictive, viewpoint-based First Amendment Policy. However, the New Hampshire School Boards' Association (NHSBA) has not changed its model policy, which echoes the same restrictive public comment posture that was jettisoned by Nashua as City Attorney Stephen Bennett agreed with me in his 5 page legal opinion.

Will NHSBA director Ted Comstock honor his promise to give me feedback this month, after I praised him for keeping the lines of communication open in this post?

[Update, 2:45p.m.]: Looks like another victory for the First Amendment. Read the comments to see our most recent emails and updates.

KingCast still aghast, confused at Officer McKay and Shooter Floyd's background in Franconia Notch shooting tragedy.

We know Shooter Floyd has one hell of a record with guns and cops, threatening them with a third eye, grabbing groin and such. Now a source very close to these matters informs that Floyd's son is alleged to have a connection with a girl, Maura Murray, who has now gone missing one/two, and that Officer McKay's ex-wife had a Restraining Order against him, that people at a certain daycare center saw his ex-wife looking roughed up, frequently, and that he was forced out by Haverhill, NH PD before he came to Franconia. Another source very close to the matter seconded the Maura Murray information and told me a lot more that I sure as hell am not going to share at this juncture.

I'll leave it up to the authorities to continue their investigation of any and all salient details as I continue mine. A return phone call from Franconia PD would aid me in that endeavor, totally.

KingCast asks if abuse complaints have been filed against Officer Bruce McKay before the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy?

Update April 2008: After months of Right-to-Know litigation, it appears I was correct, there were many, many complaints about Bruce McKay, enough so that issues of negligent hire, retention and supervision are implicated.

I have seen several comments indicating that Officer McKay (RIP) was abusive to his first wife and that he maced some kids in school for some reason. I have deliberately avoided repeating such claims on this blawg or anywhere else for that matter but now I see in this Wikipedia entry that he did discharge "a chemical weapon inside a school."

Can anyone shed any light on this? Is it true? As noted in the comments section to this post, I telephoned the Franconia police station yesterday at 2:12 p.m. to see if they would release the non-personal personnel file on Officer McKay but have not heard back yet. [Note: I now hear that McKay's ex-wife had a Restraining Order against him, and that he was fired from Haverhill, NH PD because of related issues]. Are these allegation true? At the school, what situation got so out of control that the mace had to come out? Were there any charges filed against a student(s)? Against Officer McKay? Was this an isolated incident or did he tend to arrive in escalated situations more than the average officer, and if so how can that be addressed for other officers in like situations?

As a former attorney for Ohio's largest law enforcement agency, I maintain that these are the issues that need to be addressed in order to promote more effective policing and there is not one law officer who writes in to the blawg going to convince me otherwise not because I'm stubborn, but because I'm right.

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Dear skeptics, haters, supporters, etc: I've been taking pictures, reporting the news and seeking the truth for 20 years now:

30 May 2007

KingCast and major media secure production of police video in Franconia Notch shooting tragedy.

Yep. While we saw a current, licensed law official vacillate (read: backpedal) and several others attempt to question my integrity, once again I am right. The police video (presumedly in its entirety) will be shown and we will see what's up. As my best friend and I used to say in law school, if it be so.... so be it.

Why some folks (cops) on this board have to try to malign my integrity is fool's folly, especially as I've already gone through that nonsense with NH AG Kelly Ayotte's office and prevailed, duh.

Still they come up in here, stroke my ego and catch me flossin' but good. Liko would dig it. If they stop, I'll just say it's because I called them out. And if they keep posting, I'm still right. Dummies. Fred Sanford would be proud. Dum-Dum-Dum Da-Da....

Anyway, I'll see you cats in Franconia soon.


KingCast receives letter from NH AAG Homicide Chief Jeffery Strelzin on police video from Franconia Notch shooting tragedy.

Today my housemate slid an envelope containing this 25 May 2007 letter from NH AG Homicide Unit Chief Jeffery A. Strelzin across the table for my review. Pursuant to RSA 91 A:4 IV he has requested I chill my wheels for 14 days while they decide whether they will comply with my request for the police video of the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy. I might. Read the 31 May 2007 deadline post; I hope their office finds my letter to them and the arguments contained therein -- some of them made by Attorney Ayotte herself -- instructive and I will telephone Attorney Strelzin this afternoon. Watch the comments.

When I showed the letter to my bank teller today she said
"What? They want 14 days to review your request but it only took them 2 to close the criminal investigation?"

I rocked back on my skates and just looked at her, blankly. Funny how non-lawyers can cut to the chase quicker than we can sometimes. I love it.

I also note that the letter references only Officer McKay's "murder" but says nothing of the possible murder of Liko Kenney. I'm not down with that, given Shooter Floyd's criminal background, threatening cops with gunfire and grabbing groin.

The next two/letters are from the AG's office concerning my request to have them look into the antics of now-fired Jaffrey Chief Dunn (read para. 2). I do not hate to say "Told you so." That lying-assed cop tried to ruin my life. As you can see, that went nowhere, and they never even sent me a letter when I informed them of the wire fraud issue where my name was clearly forged to a mortgage and faxed for funding (1/2)

So that's the bad side. On the Good Side, As noted in the letter I know we agree on the data mining case and most likely on the NHSBA school board speech issue as noted in the deadline post, supra.

Two men are dead. Two men who had a lot to give to the community. Their souls, and the soul of Franconia Notch will need explication of the facts in order for that to happen, and that is why I am accepting this invite to roll up there in the next several days.

KingCast presents: Thin Blue Line Part Deux with Officer N.B. Forrest, on Franconia Notch shooting tragedy.

This is why some people distrust police. Read what Mr. Forrest, an active law enforcement officer said in the comments section to this post:
"If the video exists and can be legally released at this point then I would support that. Likewise I'd support the release of the cruiser's computer information."

Then in another post, where I suggested a lawful sit-in, I drafted a Petition in the comments setion to present to NH AG Kelly Ayotte for the release of the video, and he refused to sign it. Instead he went sideways on me and wrote:
"Unlike you, I have enough faith in the system that I don't believe it's necessary to try and force-feed demands on the AG. I am confident that the truth of the matter will be revealed. Unlike you, I'm not at all convinced that the "interest of Justice" isn't already being served."

Is it illegal to request the video? My First Amendment sensibilities resoundingly say "no."

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29 May 2007

KingCast presents: An invitation to Franconia Notch.

I've had a beautiful day, watching the Cavs work it out with the Pistons to get to 2-2, meeting another tennis instructor in Nashua (check comments) and receiving an invite to a rather nice party north of the Notch soon. I'm not getting into details, nor am I going to share the contents of the email right now. But I'm thrilled to be invited and I wouldn't miss it for the World.

Well, okay, I'll quote this:
"You've done an incredible job so far and many are amazed at your skill; I am for sure.....You will see Franconia as it should be.....people having a great time hanging out with friends."

Exactly, which is what I felt every time at Cannon Mountain and down the road at Wildcat, which is why I would have been at Tamarack Tennis camp were it not for that bogus criminal action against me -- since dismissed -- which NH AG Attorney Ayotte in part supported.

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KingCast reflects on the Yamaha RD 350 and other little engines that could.

Mark and Dawn, this story's for you:
1. The 1975 Yamaha RD350. I bought mine, just like this one with 3K miles on it when a military brat sucker-punched me over a girl in last year of high school. That would be a civil assault since he was 6'1" 190 and I was 5'9" 145 then. Not much more now. Thanks, Andre, funny thing is she and I were just friends, anyway :) But she did have some nice friends..... Those were the Jerry Springer days when I was bartender at Sudsy Malones in undergrad. Too funny hanging with Jerry, but not as funny as when I dropped the clutch on that puppy on a 3-2 downshift near redline. Almost wore it like a hat. As a hat???

Wnnnnddddttt..... tat-tat-tat.... Wnnnnddddtt... tat-tat-tat.....Waaaaa, waaaaa....... (visualize blue lights and sirens but no mace as used in the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy).

2. The 1986 Suzuki GS 550ES. No sucker punch, just a nice family. And a 12.37 quarter.

3. The 1983 VW GTi. No-brainer. If I find one in Cali I'm having it.

4. The 1972-'74 BMW 2002tii. Same no-brainer, but the 'Dub will be cheaper.

Any other suggestions? I know Alfas are sweet but I've never owned one and to me it's not quite so much engine with them but the whole dynamic. Ditto the Porsche 914 and 944 (you can keep the 924, thank you). The list above all are decent chassis, but the engines alone all took your breath away in their respective eras. Now an engine takes your breath away with 500hp in a BMW M5, but it will take you straight to prison as well. Quickly.

KingCast says "Go Cavs!!!"

I was there for "The Drive" in '87, at the 20-yard line. I was watching from downtown in law school when MJ hit "the shot" over Craig Ehlo. And I grew up with the Gries and Cole families, 49% owners of the Browns so I wept when a certain person I don't like (Art Modell) spirited the team away to start the Ravens. "Dawg Gone" was the name of a local store at the time. The legal trick was no privity of contract between the Browns and the city, BTW. Stadium Corp, an entity created and owned by Modell, was the straw man. Every major city in the U.S. scanned their professional teams contracts as a result, natch. And the Pats can indirectly thank Art for delivering Bill Belicose Belichick.

But now we try again, taking Detroit to 2-2 after some New England sportscaster tonight said "Watch for Detroit to take control of this situation."

I blasted Cousin Mike for saying a similar thing last year on PTI in the "Piston Slap" entry, but Detroit did ultimately prevail; I think that Cleveland choked a bit, but Detroit is indeed a formidable force. But people from Cleveland have spirit, heart and soul, and even Huey Lewis and Todd Rundgren will tell you that :)

BTW LeBron is a rhythm player. I know it when I see it because on a much lesser level I am a rhythm tennis player. That is different from a streak player, if you follow sports you know what I mean. A rhythm player can streak, but a streak does not necessarily play with rhythm over an extended period of time. Once the Cavs configure a plan to keep him in his rhythm in the 3rd quarter they will be a continuing force with which to be reckoned. LeBron, please stay. You are a gentleman and a scholar out there. And a credit to your race. The human race.

In the words of the immortal (for a while, at least) Steve Miller: Fly like an Eagle......let my spirit carry me.....(bring the keyboards, please.....)

Peace, and Go Cavs, the little engine that could.

KingCast presents: The CNN moment, relative to the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy.

So I ran by Peddler's Daughter today to see if my boys from Jah Spirit (see link in the Reggae Trifecta here) are still playing on Thursdays (they are) and who should be there but CNN, covering the visit from Senator Clinton. So I passed them a copy of the Thin Blue Line entry and the "D'OH" entry involving the 31 May deadlines for state response. Dude was cool, he's checking it out right about....now.

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KingCast watches Dubya's U.S. Supreme Court dismantle Title VII protections in Ledbetter v. Goodyear.

One of the first things you learn as a Civil Rights lawyer is that each paycheck that is the result of unequal terms and conditions of employment constitutes an ongoing violation, which tolls, or places the Statute of Limitations on hold because an employer should be punished, rather than rewarded for perpetuating long-term discrimination.

The Bush-appointed court, including "Uncle Tom" Clarence Thomas -- who himself benefitted from Affirmative Action -- says not anymore.

I hate him. Not very Zen, but honest. I'm working on it.

Related post: At least my father (a 37-year career employee of the former Diamond Shamrock company) and I got a major victory over another black sellout, handlebar-mustache-wearing Bush toady, Peter Kirsanow -- who is the anti-christ for all working people. Yeah I wrote the brief. And if that's "grandstanding," (read the comments to this entry about the Thin Blue Line and police coverups) so be it; guilty as charged for being an American, born with certain Inalienable Rights to legally protect my father.

Because Clarence Thomas won't.

KingCast says, "Happy Birthday, Jack."

I know you're a little miffed that I used your brother's image in the "Live Revolution" movie trailer instead of yours, but I'm a little miffed at you wiretapping my namesake so we'll call it even. And say, can I borrow the keys to Jackie's BMW?

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28 May 2007

KingCast says 31 May 2007 looms large for NH AG Kelly Ayotte and NHSBA Director Ted Comstock.

From NH AG Kelly Ayotte I (and indirectly the Concord Monitor) seek an answer regarding production of the unedited police video from the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy. This is my letter to her, citing the Monitor's agreement and noting the Georgia Supreme Court has hosted similar video on its own website.

From New Hamsphire School Boards Association (NHSBA) Director Ted Comstock, Esq., I seek a response regarding this quasi-governmental body's recommended speech policy for school board meetings, which is viewpoint and content-based in its restrictions. I gave the policy a failing grade, and he promised a response within that timeframe and I lauded him for that; Nashua Alderman Fred Teeboom and I have already prevailed on a similar matter here in Nashua, as seen in the marquee thumbnails below.

Here's the connection: Attorney Ayotte has said she is giving the NHSBA matter "careful consideration" for inclusion in the next Right-to-Know Law revision or addendum because
"For our government to remain of the people, by the people, and for the people, while protecting individuals' privacy, it is essential that the people have reasonable and open access to the information that will inform the people what their government is up to and how it is performing.

Government, therefore, should be open, accessible, accountable and responsive. To that end, the public's right of access to governmental proceedings and records shall not be unreasonably restricted."

So that in turn is what I'm screaming about relative to the police video and Officer McKay's car computer information, because as the Monitor points out, the privacy rights of Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay expired with their natural lives in the face of such a public issue. And as noted herein, his personnel file has apparently been sealed for a coupla' years, too. It is a small World, after all.

Related post: The Thin Blue Line.

KingCast tells NH AG Kelly Ayotte on the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy: We demand Justice.

Whether I join the townspeople in person on a sit-in, or serve as a catalyst for them to come forward on their own, you will be dealing with this case for the rest of your natural life in one way or another, and I am happy -- in fact, honored -- to indelibly etch my concerns into the granite of the Internet.

And I don't back away from anything, sometimes I curry favor from responsible city officials.

Note: As the recent (#20-23) comments to the post, "Conduct a real investigation" indicate, Officer McKay's personnel file -- including alleged complaints -- has been sealed for 2 years. Wow. An interested party would have to sue to get it, I guess.

27 May 2007

KingCast asks N.B. Forrest if he's ever seen "The Thin Blue Line," relative to the Franconia shooting tragedy.

Hey man, you as a current law enforcement officer keep showing up on my posts where I request the police video of the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy, and arguing that "the system works," while failing to recognize that dissidents like me are indeed part of the system, whether you like it or not. Especially when we have experience as AAG's, as Civil Rights/employment lawyers representing police and suing police, and as a reporter for a large daily and a large weekly as the Fourth Estate.

Anyway, have you ever seen "The Thin Blue Line?"

You know a brother almost went to the chamber for killing a cop when the circumstances were not as the police suggested. And there was corruption involved in the cover-up. That's why I'm talking about a sit-in; civil disobedience.

If so, what have you to say about it? And if not, go watch it and get back with me. You roll up into my blawg talking shit you had better be ready to back it up... or I'll give you a third eye. Oh, wait, that's Shooter Floyd's line to the police, sorry. Anyway, that's why in this post I request a copy of the police video from NH AG Kelly Ayotte and show where the Georgia Supreme Court even hosted such a video on its own website.

"One man, Timothy Stephenson, sued McKay in 2005, alleging that he used his prosecutor’s role to settle scores. The men settled the case last year, with neither admitting blame." Interesting. Any other complaints filed? Read the substance of the allegations in the comments section. And I hear his file is now sealed for 2 years. Interesting, non?

Related video: I like Good Cops. Watch "Day in Nashua" at KingCast.net

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Related post: NPR notes that Chicago cops had open season on black folks; even Olympic Gold winner Shani Davis caught hell and sued.

The "system" only worked in these cases because somebody sued (1,2,3) or otherwise stood up to the police (4), natch.


KingCast bids goodnight to Michael Brecker.

Michael Brecker is one of the baddest jazz composers, ever. He slipped away in January but I didn't know about it until last week, when I heard about his final album , "Pilgrimmage." I'll be purchasing that bad boy this week. On a related note, I remember talking with Paul Schaffer when Warren Zevon -- a brilliant, classically-trained pianist -- was still fighting for his life. He went through hell for a while but resurrected himself with one of my favorite bands of the 80's -- R.E.M. Murmur, Reckoning, and Fables were all so cool.

"He's in good spirits and he's going to stay in good spirits," he said.

I heard that's the way that Michael Brecker went out, and that's the way everyone in this World should pass on. Sometimes we don't all get that chance.

KingCast vows a sit-in with NH AG Kellly Ayotte for release of police video in Franconia Notch shooting tragedy.

In response to a comment from a recent post, someone applauded my efforts to conduct a real investigation into this tragedy, and I responded by promising to help lead a sit-in to obtain the police video if requested by the community. First of course, let's see what NH AG Kelly Ayotte says in response to my letter demanding production. I haven't led a march since 1985 when I editorialized and led a march through Cincinnati to protest continued U.S. investment in South Africa that supported Apartheid, but I'm down for another jack move, totally. Let the truth come out, irrespective of where the chips may fall.

And if Officer McKay used unreasonable force before Liko Kenney used unreasonable force, the State will have to address that, and if there are other complaints that have been filed against him, and ignored, the state will have to address that too -- hopefully via a lawsuit to obtain Permanent Injunctive Relief and Court monitoring to assure that doesn't happen again. Same thing with any potential cover-up for Shooter Floyd, whose nasty background you can read about here.

And if the video and Officer McKay's car computers show things to have happened the way the State says it did, then I applaud the State for the most efficient investigation of a possible double-murder + criminal threatening case I've seen, in just 24-48 hours!

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Better watch they don't turn them damn hoses and dogs on us:

26 May 2007

KingCast presents: Birdshit and karma.

Remember this one from 2000 or so, when pretty (ugly) boy (girl) Fabio got clocked on that rollercoaster? I was at work, zoning up cell towers in Va. Beach and just about laughed my cajones off over that one. Look at the girly on his left laughing her arse off :) Well today at work I drew the al fresco shift, so I'm out there working on my tan, chillin' and a hyperactive annoying liberal lady was just all over me, so much so that every other patio table just looked at me, and said "I know you can't wait until she leaves."

At one point she says, "I didn't realize how fast time was moving" (not my fault) "...and it's been 6 minutes since we tried to order dessert, so we'll just take our check." She tipped out okay, but the ridiculous thing was, I was fully sat with 5 tables at a fine dining establishment and she could see that, so tough noogies to her. You want fast food take your ass to the Golden Arches.

And how does this relate to Fabio? Well in the end, she caught some bird shit right in her hair!!! I went inside and choked down a Tremont Ale, told the rest of the crew and we all had a good laugh.

For more on Karma and the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy consider this: It's only slightly ironic I should be questioning NH AG Kelly Ayotte abourt missing police video -- and for dropping any real criminal investigation in that case after she and fired Jaffrey, NH Police Chief Dunn wasted 2 years of my life protecting the policies of a bad cop (Dunn) on another matter, read this.

And speaking of laughter, in retrospect Dunn and Ayottes "cases" against me were comical, irrespective of the two years of pain and dollars wasted from my attorneys, my wallet -- and the taxpayers. Watch my lawyers laugh at the case below. Sadly, there's nothing funny at all about the Franconia shooting tragedy. This is serious business.

KingCast asks the unthinkable: What if there is no police video from the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy?

That certainly would explain why it hasn't been produced, when of course we see by this post -- containing a letter demanding its release to NH AG Kelly Ayotte -- that there is no ongoing criminal investigation and even the Supreme Court of Georgia hosted such a video on its own website.

Meanwhile, a comment from another post:
"AND DON"T EXPECT AN INVESTIGATION OF FLOYD OR THIS INCIDENT as it would need to be done by cops and even on the Local and Federal Level there is a bond between cops and you don't cross a line when a cop has been killed. There is no such thing as a corrupt or bad cop when they have been killed in the line of duty."

I don't disagree with that assessment, but perhaps Attorney Ayotte could prove us wrong.... again, as on prior occasion she buddied up with Jaffrey Chief Dunn and Prosecutor Bill Albrecht, who ended up being fired and hastily-resigning under an ethics investigation, as noted in para. 2 of the lead post.

25 May 2007

KingCast reveals the letter to NH AG Kelly Ayotte demanding police video in Franconia Notch shooting tragedy.

Well folks I put it on the blawg a few days ago in this post, but we all know it's not a real letter until you put it in MS Word, print it out and put it in an email and snail mail it. So that's what I've done (1/2) and USPS confirms item number 0306 2400 0000 3930 9823 was delivered to NH AG Kelly Ayotte today, at 8:06 a.m. Obviously, the Concord Monitor concurs in full, no dissent, citing legal precedent, in this editorial,
"Public has right to see video from shooting."

The Georgia Supreme Court published chase video on its own website! In fact, here's the video. And as the State has already handily eliminated any criminal prosecution, including the remaining live actor, Shooter Floyd (view his police record) it cannot now use an ongoing criminal investigation as grounds not to release the Franconia shooting tragedy video. Game over, insert coin Attorney Ayotte.

Here's what some folks in the community are saying.

Stick around, because that's likely not the only thing I'll be sending the AG's office. Namaste. And oh, yeah, this ain't the first time I was correct on the law; here I am telling the Court that NH AG Kelly Ayotte's arguments against me were hearsay, and I was of course, correct about that and her attempt to apply laws against me an in ex post facto manner.

KingCast asks why some cops think it's okay to violate folks they don't like.

I will preface my comments by saying that I have had an opportunity to be pulled over by Nashua PD a couple times since I've moved here (one time was just to ask me about my BMW 2002tii) and they have been courteous and thoroughly professional each and every time. That having been said, I saw an exchange on 24 May 2007 over at the WMUR forum where 03850lifer queries whether a comment posited that celebrated a possible gang rape of Liko Kenney -- with whom in some ways I am a kindred spirit as noted herein -- was issued by a law enforcement official. Here then, is my response:


Hey 03580lifer, some cops get off on that notion of someone they don't like being violated in prison.

You may have noted in my letter to NH AG Ayotte, demanding release of the police video that fired Jaffrey Chief Dunn actually laughed at a hate mail letter suggesting I was going to get gang-raped in prison:

What's up with that? Lawlessness is lawlessness, but some cops have a set of laws all their own, apparently.

Remember the guys at MASScops who were so upset with me they actually called the NAACP the "National Association of Asshole-Colored People" and falsely called me a criminal (before any trial ever took place and as you know, a trial never took place because the state properly dropped the charges)

Sadly, these cops ruin the reputation of the Good Ones.

Oh, but you're a suspended attorney, King. Yep. Read why here, relative to the "nigger-lover" landlord rhetoric and whatnot. Right now it's all about the money to get back in; I did my one year suspension 5 years ago.

24 May 2007

KingCast wine of the day: 2003 Domaine Bois de Boursan Chateauneuf du Pape.

I tried the 'Pape with tomato & herb mussels over linguini last night. Not sure if that's a perfect pairing but it worked well for me. I picked the berries up straight away, and the "rustic" tones referenced in this Wine Spectator review were a welcome finish, not too strong on the tannins but still a wine of the Earth, totally.

Related post: As Led Zeppelin would say.... I'm goin' to California before the Levee breaks here in New Hampshire, you bet.

KingCast asks, "What's the difference between Christopher King and Liko Kenney?"

Apparently not much, except that I shoot negative, threatening cops with bullets on the Internet and he unfortunately shot one with real bullets after an ordeal of some kind so foul that NH AG Kelly Ayotte refuses to make the facts public. Meanwhile she is denying the public's right to view the full police video. The Concord Monitor and the KingCast letter I sent to her just today both demand production or a comment by 31 May, 2007.

He loved plants and so do I.
We both grew up around tennis.
We both like the mountains. I assume he skied, as well, duh.
We're both part Native American.
We're both quite intelligent and driven in our own ways, and we don't appreciate abuses of authority.

But he's dead because he used the wrong bullets.

The locals and others ask "what drove him to do it....."
[Editor's update on 19 August 2007: WMUR shut down that forum in a hurry]

Read some old comments I made to NH AG Kelly Ayotte on some aspects of New Hampshire government in this post from Wildcat.

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KingCast watches locals use WMUR to support his demand for police video of Franconia Notch shooting tragedy.

I've certainly had my go at WMUR for telling half the story of the bogus Jaffrey indictment I eventually crushed (watch KingCast short film "Arraignment Press Conference" where we actually show the whole thing as opposed to just my perp walk for which WMUR used 75% of my air time. Watch one of the WMUR pieces right here. When I wasn't at home they didn't call me or email me or nothin', just got a quick quote from Attorney Phillips (whose father-in-law was the prior Jaffrey Police Chief, BTW). And as you read the text, note that I never called myself the "Johnny Cochran of Columbus," that came from Minister Donell Muhammad, leader of Mosque #43 after I won Jerry Doyle's bogus criminal trespass case in "American Lawyer I".

But when WMUR gives a voice to the people, as in this forum page, the people support what I'm saying when it comes to the oh-so-quick termination of the criminal investigation of a guy with a record like Shooter Floyd (or potentially Officer McKay) as well as my letter to NH AG Kelly Ayotte requesting immediate production of the full police video. The actual Word version of that letter was emailed, replete with live links, to the AG's office, the NYTimes and a whole bunch of newspapers today and the hard copy is going out in about half an hour.

While not available for view yet on the WMUR site, I responded to 03580lifer by noting that Caleb MacCauly may have claims, too, and I have more answers than questions because the government has all the answers in the video and in the computer of Officer McKay's police vehicle that tells throttle position, gears used, speed, all of that.


03580lifer 05-24-2007, 11:29 AM

More questions than answers but a good read nonetheless. More people need to ask questions about Franconia's dirty little secret.

I was wondering if the Kenneys should file a wrongful death suit against Floyd? It may be the only way to get the Attorney General and the State of NH to release information.

Would this open a wound further or heal through possible exoneration of Liko's actions? Liko Kenney is a murderer as defined by the statutes of law. But what drove him to this point? That is the difficult and uncomfortable question that must be addressed and answered.

*cherry* 05-24-2007, 10:48 AM

You go, king cast. You're right, it was way too quick, and definitely cut and cured early. The only solution is reform, and hopefully a town meeting can be called to discuss this. I still say with all due respect there were two murders that night. Vigilantism abrogates police work. There is a need for credible answers from the police chief, this employee did not suddenly lack professional conduct and was he ever independently reviewed? The chief needs to be.

peace, from a veteran

KingCast stands aghast as he reads the background of Shooter Floyd in the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy.

According to the Concord Monitor, this is the background of the guy who drew a pass from NH AG Kelly Ayotte:

"The police charged Floyd with criminal threatening. It was during this incident that Floyd told the police how he'd kill them if he chose to - by shooting them in the head and giving them a "third eye."

Upon further checking, the police learned that Floyd's 1991 drug arrest in Georgia was a felony level offense. That, the state police concluded, meant Floyd could not legally own guns in New Hampshire. In June 1997, the state police added a second charge against Floyd: being a felon in possession of firearms.

During that arrest, Floyd attempted to knee Trooper Scot Bryan in the groin, according to court records, and was charged with attempted assault of a police officer.

He pleaded guilty to the attempted assault and received a suspended prison sentence in 1998. The police dismissed the criminal threatening charge, but it was not clear why from court records...." [KingCast says this guy clearly knows somebody or something, and if what Caleb MacCauley says as Liko Kenney's passenger is true about not saying a single word to Liko or Caleb, and peppering the ground near Caleb with gunfire, his family should sue the living daylights out of Floyd and the police for covering it up]

My Spidey-senses tell me he's not lying. But then NH AG Kelly Ayotte could prove me wrong by releasing the entire police video, natch. I'm printing my letter for her on that issue right now.

23 May 2007

KingCast stands aghast as Liko Kenney's passenger, Caleb Macauly speaks on the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy.

I'll say this with regard to the letter I'm sending to NH AG Kelly Ayotte requesting the video of this sad story:

If any of what this writer says is true, Shooter Floyd should definitely be arrested, and an FBI Investigation should ensue, immediately. The video must be produced forthwith because I smell the stench of a blue wall coverup. Release the tape and prove me wrong, Attorney Ayotte. Remember, I was right about Jaffrey Chief Dunn and Prosecutor Bill Albrecht, wasn't I?


"I can answer a couple of your questions Chris and perhaps shed a little more light on this dark filth being spewed by the A.G.. By the way, this is information gathered directly from Caleb Macauly, Liko's passenger. Liko's car was not forced off the road by Mckay. Liko pulled over and stopped voluntarily after the 1.5 mile low speed chase [editor: of course all of that speed data is readily accessible in Officer McKay's car computer].

Mckay then pulled a u-turn to face Liko's car and rammed it several times to apparently pin them in. At this point Liko was (vocally) fearing for his life. Mckay then approached the car, gun and mace drawn, and without a word he maced the two boys heavily. Liko then fired his gun at Mckay. It was then, with mace in his eyes, that he really panicked, and in a rush to leave the seen he unintentionly ran over the staggering officer pinning him under his car. Within moments of freeing his car from the downed officer, Floyd apeared at Liko's window.

Without any words, yes that's right, without any words Floyd fired several shots, point blank, directly at Liko's chest. Caleb, in a state of shock, thought he too had been struck by a bullet. Then Floyd yelled at Caleb to "PICK UP THE GUN!, PICK UP THE GUN!"(I'll let the reader derive his/her own conclusion there) Caleb then rolled out of the car onto the ground into the fetal position where Floyd proceded to fire shots around his body. Caleb believes the only thing that saved his life was the arrival of another motorist, family friend Cam.

I may as well mention that Caleb was maced two more times that night by the responding officers. Apparently they wanted him to stop shouting, "That bastard murdered Liko! THAT BASTARD MURDERED LIKO!"


And of course as obliquely referenced in the second paragraph, I note in the letter that Attorney Ayotte ignored not one but two complaints I filed against a bad cop whom she supported on two bogus prosecutions, only to see him later fired for misconduct in office and his prosecutor take a powder during an ethics investigation.

Nothing could be on point any more than that.

KingCast writes NH AG Kelly Ayotte to request production of police video in the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy.

As I sit down at 3:25pm listening to "Get up Stand Up" on WERS I decided it was time to write the most important blawg post to date, which ties in directly with this post noting that the Concord Monitor supports my position that the public has a right to view the unedited, full police video from that night: I will never meet Liko Kenney (RIP) or Bruce McKay (RIP) although I might have met either or both of these men had I not been holed up under a bogus indictment brought by fired Jaffrey Police Chief Martin Dunn. The indictment -- which was eventually dismissed after KingCast cameras captured every step of the retaliatory nonsense, which was brought in an attempt to deflect attention away from a possible case of police abuse when I was Southern NH NAACP Legal Chair. Police reports here.

Because of that indictment I never attended Tamarack Tennis Camp, where Mr. Kenney was raised and put to rest.

From my original post:
"You would love the camp and all the people that come with it. It is an eclectic and interesting family - good hearted."


Dear Attorney Ayotte:

I write to you as a former AAG but more importantly as a U.S. Citizen and successful Civil Rights advocate of Southern New Hampshire.

You know that I have supported you on the issue of data mining companies and their clients using undue influence on physicians to push pharmaceutical drugs.

You and I may ultimately agree on the New Hampshire School Boards' Association restrictive, viewpoint-based model First Amendment speech policy, as you noted in your return letter to me, as the NHSBA Ted Comstock wrote me they will be addressing that issue this month.

But you and I vehemently disagreed on the integrity of Chief Dunn, a friend of former NH AG Peter Heed (who resigned under a sex scandal) as I twice wrote to you that he was a bad cop doing bad things, including keeping a secret file on me. I voiced my concerns in this post, which contains an annotated letter from NH AAG Alison Vachon.

Ultimately, my position was substantiated, and not only was Chief Dunn fired, the dismissal was sustained by former NH AG John P. Arnold. And not only was Dunn's dismissal sustained, his prosecutor, Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht, hastily resigned amidst a pending ethics investigation, also revealed with the help of the Concord Monitor.

The parallels are uncanny because while I'm not saying that Office McKay was a bad cop generally, or even a bad cop on the night in question -- I have no firsthand knowledge of that -- I will note that in Dunn's case the State refused to provide information as well, in this case a Deposition that Judge Arnoled ORDERED Dunn to obtain (and produce as exculpatory). When my lawyer, former lead Hillsborough County Prosecutor David Horan forced production of it, and I posted the Deposition online (which he and Prosecutor Albrecht faught, tooth and nail as noted in KingCast short films "Lawyerman" and "Oreo,") the truth came out that Chief Dunn had lied Under Oath and laughed about the possibility of me being gang-raped in prison and called this blawg "despicable." Shame on him.

But your office actually supported him against me and against Aaron Deboisbriand, a Jaffrey Officer whom he falsely accused of felonies as well. Mr. Deboisbriand's father kept in touch with me on the down-low the whole time.


The public is going to wonder what dirty secrets might the State be hiding in this case as well, especially since I know that it's relatively easy science to determine, for example how fast Officer McKay was driving to chase down Mr. Kenney after he requested another officer out on Route 116. Throttle position, gears used, fuel used, all of that is in the car's computer system.

Franconia Notch is going to have a rough enough time healing without the permanent questions lingering about what really happened that night. And your reputation as a fair and impartial executive hangs in the balance as well. Please release the video.

I'll keep this letter relatively short, and end with a quote from the Concord Monitor editorial:
Was McKay obviously dead when Floyd arrived? Where was his gun in relation to his body? Was Kenney's car tire literally atop McKay, and if so, where? Was Kenney's gun visible to Floyd, and where was it pointed? How many times did he ask Kenney to drop his weapon before firing? Did Kenney make any attempt to drive away or to prevent Floyd's son from calling for help on the cruiser's radio? Did Kenney say anything to indicate an intent to harm others?

With Ayotte's announcement of clearing Floyd, her office should have released a detailed narrative of the scenes depicted in the video, a transcript of the conversation and a timeline. That would have gone a long way to answering questions that must be answered. But now that no one is to be prosecuted, the police videotape itself is a public record that should be released.

I'm going to play tennis tonight Liko. And this forehand's for you.

Update: I didn't play too well on the fast indoor courts (3rd time out this year) and my opponent was on fire. I got smoked 1, 2 and 3 (yes there was time for 3 sets!!) "We'll I'm actually more like a 4.5" he says.... "and I play at least three times a week." It's All Good, though, and the two of us will be at it again soon, but boy am I hurtin' for certain: Folks don't understand how grueling tennis really is until you get back into tennis shape; every muscle in your body will ache, totally. I'm just glad to be able to play again now that I'm not under that stupid indictment :)

Namaste, and thank goodness for my film and camera crew, it's a populist putsch.