06 April 2007

Why KingCast loves the Telegraph and Bea Francoeur's Diplomatic Immunity speeding defense.

Republican State Rep. Bea Francoeur (Nashua 5, 8 and 9) has a nice home -- very well-appointed yet comfortable -- and one fast Jaguar. Because her home is so laid-back, I was surprised to see her get her nose out-of-joint on her recent speeding ticket. That having been said, I would see her point but for the fact that I believe there is a school crossing in the area and she wasn't exactly on her way to an actual Court hearing or trying to chart the course of Europe at any Conference at Yalta: She was on her way to Gov. Lynch's inauguration.

Related post: I love Jaguars. Say "Jag-u-wire," or "Jag-u-whaa" is also passable.

Why do I love the Telegraph? Because it's a truly progessive newspaper, and they have posted a blog-style correspondence file of the case, just as I posted the correspondence file between the New Hampshire School Boards' Association and me regarding the ongoing First Amendment restrictions the Association favors at public school board meetings. Fortunately, NH AG Kelly Ayotte clearly supports the KingCast position on this. Here's the Big Three at Yalta, 62 years ago:

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