20 April 2007

KingCast whip of the day part deux: 1973 BMW 2002tii.

This is part one from yesterday. Okay, so what if maybe 3 people in the World have a 2002tii this nice. Those of us who don't still got to experience the ride of a lifetime that drove Automobile Magazine deep into the hills of Bavaria to drive this totally restored 1973 model. The interior is so spartan it hurts, but it's way cool, and has a functional dashboard. Look at that view of the road, and that simple-assed engine you can actually work on without a computer and a lab. I replaced a head gasket myself on mine one night under the halogens when I was living in Va. Beach.

Try that with anything after the early '90's, yeah, right. Except for airbags and ABS brakes they can take all that yaw control, electric steering, variable valve this and that and throw it out the window when you put it next to owning a nice tii, at least on a dry day =^.)

If BMW is the King of sports sedans, the tii is the original Prince.


Christopher King said...

As it idles, the engine moves about in its mounts just a bit, along with the shifter -- which a new car would never do -- but which reminded me of a happy labrador or something.

Because of its playful demeanor, whenever I dragged my girlfriend's kid out for a ride I always said "C'mon, Kid, let's take a ride in the puppy!"

I didn't have to drag too hard :)

The Lifeguard said...

I had a friend who had a 2002tii, lovingly restored and painted tennis ball yellow. The car was so effin' ugly with that colour-scheme; but with the custom exhaust (blow-through, natch), it gave you the same kind of chills you get when you have your woman in the throes of passion. I would practically get a hard-on when I saw (and heard) the car.

One night--dark, rainy, a bit of a chill in the air--he let me take it for a ride through the back roads of the hills of North Carolina. Windows open, heater cranked, I wrung out the 2002, down-shifting into the apex of every turn, then powering through the curves. A little over-steer here, a little under-steer there. On the straights, I wound up the little engine, revelling in the note from the exhaust, the roar of the wind mixing with the engine's soft rumbling.

The trip turned into a two-hour religious experience, which I still dream of today.

A great car, indeed. In fact, the 2002tii is, along with the Jaguar E-Type, the Triumph TR-4 (in British Racing Green, natch) and the old Porsche 911 (and Speedster C), one of my five favourite rides.

Just thinking about that night makes me want to build a time machine so that I can relive the moment.


Christopher King said...

Folks just don't understand the beauty of a 2002/tii until they've been in one. Then after a quick ride, most people wanted me to let them out, immediately :)

The GTi and the original Sentra SE-R were the closest things since:


You know, you've listed some of my favorite rides as well, but I prefer the TR-6 to the TR-4, and the D-Type to the E-Type,


but whatever.

And you can't forget about the Spitfire, all 1500cc's of it :)

Learned how to drive a stick in a brand-new '79 when I was in high school.

Tennis soon, man. I'll call you tonight.


Anonymous said...

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Christopher King said...

Well I fixed all of that, so it's a smudged.

Now then what say you of the substance of these folks' complaints?


Christopher King said...

Apparently nothing: