19 April 2007

KingCast whip of the day: 1978 BMW 320i

Yeah, it's an E21 and not an E10, but whatever, it is a rust free Texas car, and pretty. It's also a lot cooler and more engaging to drive than 98% of whatever most folks buy at the used car lot. Dig the mileage.

So as if on cue, I actually say an '83 320i today in Nashua, and then I see a bumper sticker on an Audi Allroad that read:

"My other car is a BMW 2002tii."

The owner and I had a good laugh over that, because owning a tii is that worthwhile. Dig this Automobile story about the totally remanufactured Inka Orange 1973 model. You will always tinker with it, either to make sure it runs but more typically to make it run even better. You drive it and you swear that you are single-handedly representing everything that BMW was ever about. And while it is quick, it's not as fast as a 535is, nor is it quick enough to make you think you can outrun a damn police car, recklessly endanger others and then actually kill yourself like these guys last night in that '07 Plastic Fantastic shown below.

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Christopher King said...

Apparently, it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy:


"Perrault was indicted in February on multiple charges of criminal threatening, a class B felony, in connection with a Nov. 5, 2006 incident in which he allegedly fired some shots while threatening another man with a handgun. He was free on $50,000 bail; a speeding arrest might have revoked the bail.

According to court documents, Perrault was driving a 1990 red Corvette and allegedly blocked the car of a Milford man.

As the other man got out of the car, “Mr. Perrault leveled a handgun and pointed it at (his) head.” A laser sighting device was pointed at the man’s chest and “Perrault then yelled, ‘Do you want to die?’ ” according to court documents.

The man got back in his car, heard “three or four shots,” saw Perrault return to his Corvette “presumably to reload” and was able to drive away. Perrault chased him, unsuccessfully."


Yeah, well something else must of caught up with Perrault instead, but good.


Christopher King said...

From the email tip jar:


Interesting piece about the corvette collision. I firmly believe in Darwinian survival of the fittest.

It's a shame the idiot had to take other people with him though. Seems there's a lot of that going on these days.

Christopher King said...


The shame is that I don't have a tii right now :)



Rob said...

1983 BMW 320i. Candy ******. The car was pristine, and the girl, she looked like a 30 year old Cybill Shepherd. She used to let me drive the car when we went on dates, drive it when she was at work, drive it whenever I wanted.

The backseat was, surprisingly, roomy enough for two people to...um...consort.

And, frankly, I miss the car a hell of a lot more than I miss the girl.

Christopher King said...

Heh-heh.... It's amazing how much room those little German cars have in the back seat, isn't it?

The GTi


Held a coupla' conference sessions as well :)




Christopher King said...

And Nashua is a small town. Come to find out that the "Mr. Brown" who ran over the Corvette (or what was left of it) and came to try to assist is Jacob's father.

Jacob is a friend of mine who dates a friend of mine's daughter and he was over at the house the other day, trying to describe what his father told him.

But there's no description except to say, as Mr. Brown said, "no one should have to see something like that."