29 April 2007

KingCast watches Death Penalty debate heat up in Nashua Telegraph forums.

A recent response caught my eye today as a thousand of us have been reading and of course sounding off on this issue I presented, which inherently involves race, class and money.

Here's what "Grins" wrote: I have been fascinated by the Attorney General's decisions in this matter.

As background, a month before Officer Briggs was killed, AG Ayotte gave a NH State Trooper a clean bill of health for shooting and killing an unarmed civilian on a traffic stop in Marlborough. The victim was resisting arrest. Ayotte called it justified.

Shortly thereafter Michael Addison allegedly shot and killed Officer Briggs when Briggs tried to detain Addison and his colleague. Ayotte immediately announced her office would seek the death penalty.

Now, AG Ayotte states she will also seek the death penalty for Jay Brooks for the alleged killing for hire of his handyman.

How are these all connected? When the AG gave a pass to the trooper, it sent a message to every thug with a gun that it would be wise to shoot first if stopped. That's where Addison comes in. Then, having sought the death penalty for Addison -- a young black man from an impoverished background -- she had to balance that with a call for the death penalty for Brooks, who is white, older, and certainly not impoverished.

It's the domino effect, set in motion by our Attorney General.

......To note, then Gov. Shaheen vetoed the repeal of the death penalty, passed by both legislative bodies, because she was convinced the Attorney General needed it as a bargaining tool to obtain life sentences. I'd be interested to hear her thoughts today.

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And for my response noting that I agree with the writer, but respect AG Ayotte on other matters, read the comments. As I noted in NH Indy Media today, here's what some fellow named Thurgood Marshall said:

"The death penalty is no more effective a deterrent than life imprisonment... It is also evident that the burden of capital punishment falls upon the poor, the ignorant and the underprivileged members of society."


Christopher King said...

Don't need to say anything else, but of course I will:

First of all I blawgged your response:


Second, as a former AAG, I have mixed it up with the AG's office here in NH on several occasions, not the least of which was her alliance with that idiot Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn, who as we know is like, totally fired:


....and lost his criminal cases against former Jaffrey officer Aaron Deboisbriand:


./....and me.

Hell, mine didn't even make it to trial:


And I have supported her on prior occasion as well, on a First Amendment data mining issue:


.......and I look forward to her help in eradicating the current false and deceptive business practices of Vericomm and MBF leasing, who are poisoning the NH communities as well as those across the country, as noted in this very forum and on my blawg:




But I count on her to be big enough to understand that every issue is to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, so I hope that she and Senator Gregg:


....will do the right thing and put out national notices about this issue, as the company is already being sued elsewhere in a diversity fraud action and there are complaints up the wazoo all over the country about these two-legged cockroaches.



Christopher King said...

It should be noted that my comment that immediately preceded "Grins" comment was this one; note the lack of response from the pro Death Penalty zealots:


And as if on cue, the U.S. Supreme Court weighs in

...... and reverses three Death Penalty sentences based on mental capacity and related matters.


So should these people with reduced mental capacity be fried as well?