12 April 2007

KingCast watches as Don Imus takes a powder; Robert McChesney remains vigilant.

Yeah, and I don't mean the kind he used to shove up his nose, I mean his ass got fired. Obviously CBS broadcasting has read my recent blawg entry and responded accordingly. Thing is, as my buddy Robert McChesney reports from FreePress.net in his Stop Big Media campaign, the issues of media control and viewpoint projection remain large, and the sad part is that they really fired him because of lost revenue, lets get real.

Meanwhile, Imus is scheduled to appear in New Hampshire on 4 May 2007 at an historic site visited by Frederick Douglass. As I took second place in the Midwest Frederick Douglass Moot Court competition in law school I plan to be there to meet my former role model; pass out some blawg entries and have a grand old time :)

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