18 April 2007

KingCast Vericomm & MBF Leasing update with Nashua Police Lieutenant Tim Goulden.

23 Aug 2011 Update: You know they won in NY but Senator Kelly Ayotte still failed to do anything about it as NH AG and she sucks now on the CFPB and CDO Fraud issues.

Yesterday in this post concerning what I believe to be criminally unfair False and Deceptive business practices of Vericomm and MBF leasing, I noted a call into Nashua Lieutenant/Prosecutor Tim Goulden. Sure enough, today, at 6:49 a.m. bright and early as I sped (well, not sped, but drove) to court in Mass he returns the call. We talked about the Bea Francoeur Constitutional immunity traffic case before finishing up on this matter.

I'll volunteer this: Things are lookin' good for Justice.

PS: Goulden, FWIW wins best supporting actor for his role in KingCast short film "Day in Nashua." See, he gets it. He knows that as a former AAG I'm not big on doing crimes; I'm big on reporting them. Including American Tower Corporation's "sneaky options scheme" as noted by CNN here, and other shenanigans featured in James O'Brien's upcoming book, as well as KingCast short films American Lawyer I and II."


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Update: I had to stop all use of my www.mbfleasing domains as part of a settlement agreement with MBF Leasing. The new website is:



I will be posting new content about my experiences with MBF Leasing there soon.

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