05 April 2007

KingCast still hears the shot that rang out... in the Memphis sky.

You can kill a Man but not the Spirit. Just ask Nashua Alderman Fred Teeboom or me, coming together in racial unity for the First Amendment (the only Amendment that predicates the successful enjoyment of all the others) at the outset of Black History Month, as noted herein. Later, read the comments section later for email discussions with board members about racial progress.

Always strive to make a difference. I think these/two posts -- written exactly one year apart -- best describe my efforts to live up to my namesake.

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plez... said...

...and we'll continue to "hear the shot that rang out... in the Memphis sky" until this country learns to live up to its creed (and its First Amendment)!

Anonymous said...

Props to Dr. King. Teeboom is ready to be dropped at the dog track.

Christopher King said...

Plez: You got that right.

Dawkins: Teeboom has always been a pro-first Amendment dawg; years ago he won the Nashua Taxpayers' Ass'n the right to use City Hall meeting rooms using law established by Thurgood Marshall, Esq., when the South used to forbid use of meeting rooms by folks they didn't like, including the NAACP.


Anonymous said...

I give tons and tons of credit to Dr. King. He was strong and he spoke out loudly for what he believed (kind of like some other people I know CHRIS!).

When are we gonna hang out anyways?


Christopher King said...

Hey you got the digits, sister:


Did you read about Bea's case? What a trip, huh?