05 April 2007

KingCast Reggae site of the day: Charles Seagraves' Cariblimelight.com

Charles was one of the brown brothers at American Tower corp who got fired; I obliquely mentioned him in this recent reggae post ("King d. McEnroe, 6-Toots, 6-Toots") about running sound at One Love Tour, with Toots & the Maytals. We met yesterday to discuss his new ventures, including cariblimelight.com, and now he's going to be enjoying the KingCast "American Lawyer" segments 2 and 3, featuring actual footage and re-enactments about a company who gets sued by Teresian Monks while admitting stock option backdating to the tune of 15 million (1/2). They really suck, but Charles and I will rock on regardless, and James O'Brien's book will rock, too. What a hoot.

Charles: Dope-assed graphics, Man. Really Earthy and down; total Yardy.

PS: Bruce Gordon, referenced in the last link, hastily-resigned his CEO position with the NAACP last month. Here's my entry on that, with him standing next to San Jose President Rick Callender, who was apparently convicted of assault with a deadly weapon.

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