16 April 2007

KingCast presents: The response from Dorothy Icove's family on "Goodnight, Kurt Vonnegut."

I'm going to wait until tomorrow to post my Jackie Robinson entry in light of what I just received from Mrs. Icove's family as I want that to lead for a day. What I failed to mention in the Vonnegut post was that she was at her peak and awarded teacher of the year in 1982 when I studied with her just after I left Hawken.


Thanks for the mention of our Mom on your recent blog on Kurt Vonnegut.


David is a engineer, professor and published author. See, FWIW, the Icoves are Jewish, as many of my friends were and are at Hawken, Cleveland Heights High and beyond. But that didn't stop us from getting along and learning together and having shared experiences. There was no "hymietown," just our town.

That's what Life is all about, and that's why quality people like David are looking forward to James O'Brien's biography about the crazy things I've seen in 42 short years. The George Plimpton profiterole encounter probably won't make it in, but it was pretty funny.

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