03 April 2007

KingCast presents: Noah's arc.

Besides Arthur Ashe (who implored me to attend law school in 1989), only one other black man has ever had a tennis racket designed exclusively for him (Head/Le Coq Sportif), and that is two-time Florida State NCAA basketball champion Joakim Noah's father, 1983 French Open Champion Yannick Noah. Of course, Arthur kind of discovered Yannick in the Cameroons, anyway. Feeding the Goat Blog and KingCast agree, and I quote directly:
"I gotta say, Yannick Noah is a badass. He looks like he came straight from a Funkadelic concert (see "Word.") Joakim, on the other hand, looks like he came straight from an Indigo Girls concert."
No offense against Joakim, but honestly in high school we all wanted to be like Yannick; he was The Man. Much as we dug Chilly Mac and Vitas and Vilas ("Willie"), no one was as cool as Yannick. Take a look; namaste.


Christopher King said...

That having been said, I don't think any tennis player will have a funnier or cooler movie moment than McEnroe chompin' cigars, huffin' Heinekens and hurling eggs at cars in the City with Adam Sandler in "Mr. Deeds."

That's still priceless.


Rob said...

I was a big Yannick Noah fan, wore Le Coq Sportif as a result. I kept my white-boy hair, though, even as I modeled my game on Noah's badass style of play.

In the end, I just didn't have it.

But King, I will still kick your ass on the tennis court, if ever we make that tennis date.