16 April 2007

KingCast presents: The George Plimpton profiterole encounter.

I casually but delicately located the profiterole before the grey-haired gentleman in the booth, who chuckled with his party of 4 thoughout the evening. Their conversation was smart, almost exactly what I had envisioned for George Plimpton, whom this man actually resembled enough to be his twin brother.

"But he's dead," I thought.

But that didn't stop me from talking a little poopy to him, anyway:

"And a profiterole for Mr. Plimpton, here," I said, tossing the alliteration with full-on condescending waiter smirk.

"How did he know that,?" asks the lady across the table.

"We knew each other in a former life," we both said as if on cue.

Here's the funny part: Turns out the guy's name is O**** Plimpton, possibly a relation after all. It was too uncanny and both of us just looked at each other, like "What just happened here?" I mean, what if it was his brother? That would sound stupid:

"Hey you're George Plimpton's brother, can I have your autograph?"

In the end, they left me more than 20% so I think they were picking up what I was putting down :)

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