27 April 2007

KingCast presents: Catching up with Wine Spectator's Daniel Sogg.

Wine Spectator's Daniel Sogg has forgotten more about wine than I'll likely ever know, and that's okay. What is interesting, however, is that now I have the opportunity to learn more about it than I ever have. And if I can make 3-5 hundred bones a night doing it, while changing First Amendment Policy, helping NH victims of unlawful bait-and-switch tactics and getting a book published while I prepare to get my law license back, that's okay, too.

Rock on Dan. And as I noted herein, thanks again to you and your father for your help on Michael Isreal's police abuse case. To his left, that would be Dr./Breslau as we crushed the competition in state debate, 1981. Man, we were some serious geeks. By frame of reference, a SAAB Turbo only cost what, $14,000.00 then -- and a gallon of gas was about 75 cents -- but click here to see what it costs now, for regular. And the Turbo? Well that can set you back 35 large, easy.

PS: Didja' know Tool's Maynard Keenan is a major wino?

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