13 April 2007

KingCast explains how and why Don Imus went too far.

While some people in the media told me they believe the whole Don Imus thing was scripted, I don't necessarily agree with that and even if it was, the dialogue it has generated needs to be principled and very clear when we are discussing matters of racism, sexism, xenophobia. Remember, he was an idol to me as a kid in Cleveland, as noted both prior/entries.

As such, I provided a discussion board here at the Nashua Telegraph Forums page with a short poll, and provide the following excerpt:
It's really simple and no one can blame hip-hop, Chris Rock or any of that for his transgressions because he exceeded the scope of his privilege.

For example, if I call a woman a "bitch" she had better be a close friend or my sister, right? Like I told Georgiadog standout tennis player Jane Cohodes who was busy kicking my ass one day with ruthless precision, "Bitch why you gotta' be hittin' them lines like that?" And she says before we break for beers, "cos I'm the Queen Bitch, that's why." Done with a high-five, a smack on the ass or a kiss, whatever. But women are in the club so they can toss it out more freely, even if arguably they shouldn't, same thing with blacks using "nigga.'"

Also, I discussed with some patrons from behind the bar a few nights ago the fact that you can't compare the Rutgers lady hoopsters with Britney Spears because she put herself in the limelight to have sexual banter all about her; these black women are striving to educate themselves, give back to the community and play some basketball, dammit. Generating revenue for the University and State, I might add.

Last but not least, all of this came to me as I watched The Departed last night because it's okay for Italians to call each other guineas and whatnot, but even I don't do that with the families of any Italian women I've dated, nor do they go the "nigga'" route with me.

And if I call someone a "nigga'" (I pretty much don't even write the word anymore in public except in a forum like this) he's someone I personally know or have a certain bond, like these Irishmen in So. Norwalk on St. Patrick's Day 2006 and you can hear us talk about immigration:

.....And the saddest part of all of this: I just heard that the Governor has 6 broken ribs on each side and a broken leg from an accident he had en route to meet with the players, school officials and of course, Don Imus.

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