07 April 2007

KingCast does Morphine in the cockpit and at The Alchemist, finds 6 degrees of separation and a blog newspaper!!!

Okay: Little did I know nearly ten (10) years ago as I sat in this cockpit bumping Morphine from my front porch, that Boston writer and musician James O'Brien would one day write memoirs (1/2) regarding my clients' forays into the Civil Rights realm, particularly on First Amendment issues (1/2).

It dovetails with the short films at KingCast and Justiceforkids, which in retrospect could have worked well with some Morphine tracks instead of Beck and Gil Scott-Heron =^.)

See, the Kevin Bacon thing comes in because James' wife, Karaugh/Brown used to sing with members of the group after Mark Sandman tragically died of a freak on-stage heart attack. Ms. Brown and Mr. O'Brien will be present with my film maker tonight as various surviving members of Morphine come together at Jamaica Plain's Alchemist lounge and entertainment center.

James resigned his post as editor with the Bulletin newspapers and is launching Boston Now on 17 April, 2007. It is a blog-lead newspaper, as noted in this NPR WMUR Here and Now story. Watch what we do with blogs and courtroom news here, even though some Judges hate it.

JP is a great community; people there are truly progressive and I've been digging it since I visited Dr. Joshua/Breslau there in 1992; he hosted KingCast movies on Cambridge public access in 2005 when we exposed some of American Tower's shenanigans as a bad Boston corporate citizen. Here's what happened when American Tower telephoned Mr. O'Brien.....

John Kerry is with us all the way!

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