11 April 2007

KingCast comments on "Blood Diamond."

Birthdays in April for Civil Rights activists is pure PITA because our birthstone is a diamond. I have worn them from time to time -- always purchased used or borrowed -- when not sporting a hoop or current peace earring. So with great interest I finally watched Blood Diamond last night, and I give it two thumbs up. Brilliant high-dollar production, great acting (Leonardo sure done grown up), a fascinating theme, the whole nine yards. The only problem is that even when you purchase new, non-conflict diamonds, it's still not like you're doing much for the workers down in them-there diamond mines: Despite the dismantling of Apartheid, they're not exactly living large; not unlike the mine workers we kill here in the U.S. every year.

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Anonymous said...

Whither the elegy to Kurt Vonnegut? You are slipping!

Also, any comment from Kingcast on the Sanjaya phenomenon?

Anonymous said...

Just saw it for the first time a few day ago. I would say the same thing. Two thumbs up! I thought they did an even greater job by minimizing the amount of bloodshed and horrors lived by those people of Sierra-Leone. God knows that the cutting of the hands and fingers etc is way more leniant than the fatalities that in fact took place. For me, it was a great positive show of Justice and the hope that some of us put in Justice/ International Justice and in the greater Good overall. It helped that i had been doing some personal and market-oriented research with a couple of American friends for a business related to minerals; and that in a couple of places such as in my native Ivory Coast, as well as Ghana, South Africa and Liberia, with some better understanding of the "Kimberly Process now guiding the Diamond trade particularly throughout the world.

This Kimberly process is revitalizing for all and helps put a somewhat closer-to-an-end reach to international commercial and trade violations.

So yep, as you felt, i too feel great about those small victories. Great film. Great Intent in showcasing it in your blog.