24 April 2007

KingCast celebrates Innocence project's liberation of Jerry Miller and Darryl Hunt.

After 25 years of wrongful imprisonment for a nasty rape, Jerry Miller is now finally a free man, sort of. In the interview I heard today on NPR he was asked if people would view him as if it never happened.

"Would you?" he asked. Her answer was less-than-clear and you could tell the question took the interviewer by surprise. Mr. Miller is flanked by one Barry Scheck, Esq., whom I met some 15 years ago in Terry Gilbert's office when I clerked for him in Cleveland.

I have no idea of the abuse he took for all of those years as an accused rapist; I was only wrongfully accused of something that could have locked me up for 7 years but I do encourage that brother to stand strong, because he too, can change laws, go from Douchebag to Darling, and have U.S. Senators and local police help him uncover unlawful acts of others.

BTW the same thing happened to Darryl Hunt.

Bottom line is wrongful convictions occur all the time, so you Death Penalty zealots, including those of you in Nashua need to think about that.

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Namaste, Jerry and Darryl.

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Christopher King said...

Mr. Miller was quite eloquent even in his less than perfect use of english:

"I can't do no more than that.... if the person wants to stay ignorant they're just going to stay ignorant."

Right on, Brother.

I had a stupid cop falsely say that I was found guilty of practicing law without a license, when the case in fact was dismissed!


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