15 April 2007

KingCast birthday dinner and a gigantic "Thank You" to all of my supporters.

Saturday was an active day, with some inline skating, a visit to a Gerry Garcia art show and dinner and libations at the newly-expanded San Francisco Kitchen. Sarah accompanied me to the bar where of course we had some sushi and the shrimp & walnut melon dish. SFK needs a new website, BTW so perhaps my teams can assist with that when we finish the new one for Progressions Lounge so they can show off those new do-it-yourself cooking tables and the beautiful bar with its eclectic lighting scheme. There is one light in particular on the back wall that's just too cool for words.

While there, I had the opportunity to rap with former Nashua School Board President Kim Shaw (seated in red), her husband Rob, and Alderman-at-large Brian McCarthy and his wife, whose name escapes me at this moment. Ms. Shaw and I will have lunch one day as she is definitely more of an ally than foe, as noted in this post where she publicly stated
"I wish to commend Alderman Teeboom and Mr. King for their civility and professionalism in addressing this difficult issue.... when the public sees this type and level of discourse it really helps everyone."

As such, she joined board members Sandra Ziehm, Alderman Teeboom and board member and attorney Dennis Hogan, who in this post publicly stated
"I've reviewed the matter and I think that Mr. King ends up being right.... I would not rush out to test Mr. Cleamons just yet."

To all the others who have supported me, including a Republican Educator, WSMN 1590's Jennifer Horn, Nashua Mayor Bernie Streeter, my film maker, my writer James O'Brien, NGPDJ, my intellectual property attorney Jeffrey L. Kosiba and to my family and my teams at KingCast and Justiceforkids.net I give you all the love in the World.

And of course I can't forget Mother Ann for telling me to "keep on keepin' on, son."

You should see a book by year's end and for Mother Ann: I will visit you at your last resting place in this World and share it with you.


Linda said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday dinner with your friends. I am a die-hard lover of Sushi and had them on my birthday too! Wishing you a happy belated birthday!

Christopher King said...

Indeed, and thanks for the links to the online cards!