13 April 2007

KingCast applauds Nashua Telegraph's new TCast video blog.

The handwriting for newspapers is not on the wall: It's on the Internet. As such, as a former reporter 17 years before starting KingCast, I noted my enthusiam in for the paper's use of multimedia, including today's new TCast weekly feature. I noted in my first entry on NH State Rep. Bea Francoeur's Constitutional Immunity traffic ticket case that
"it's a truly progessive newspaper, and they have posted a blog-style correspondence file of the case, just as I posted the correspondence file between the New Hampshire School Boards' Association and me regarding the ongoing First Amendment restrictions the Association favors at public school board meetings."

As I note in the comments section on the second NH State Rep. Bea Francoeur Constitutional Immunity entry to local attorney Melissa Kowalewski, we will one day feature more current events on KingCast; right now my crew is busy finishing a killer video website to replace this one. But already the text of this First Amendment policy case with Alderman Teeboom scrolling below is written in like manner to the text of KingCast as well, and the feature goes on to note our expansive use of media and bourgeoning technology (1/2).

"There's the First Amendment guy" said members of the Telegraph as I strode up to a recent Reggae Show.... "You have definitely changed Nashua." I can handle that; making a difference in the community. And certainly I've been called worse :)

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