23 April 2007

KingCast and Kirkpatrick's Corner store file complaints against Vericomm and MBF leasing for false, deceptive and criminal conduct in Nashua.

As noted in today's Nashua Police/NH AG/FTC Complaint letter and in original post and update, these guys are bad news, and we're not the only ones to say so. Of course we'll be checking on the progress of the Diversity Fraud Action in Maryland: CLCD, Inc. v. Vericomm Corporation, Maryland 8:2006-CV-01961, but meanwhile here's a few quotes from online watchdog "Rip Off Report" and our local signed complaint to NH AG Kelly Ayotte; we headed down to the Nashua PD and have a file number 07-23311-OF: 1/2/3.


"They sign you up for a bogus lease drawing monies out of your bank account, many hidden fees are drawn. They are not responsible for providing the service or savings they promised and then say you are not allowed to get out of the lease." Kim - Venice, California U.S.A.

"I am in the same boat, I spoke to a lawyer. He said that the contract they have us sign is so bad that it can be considered a scam." Maxim - Gainesville, Florida U.S.A.

"I too signed a one page contract that blossomed into a five page contract with no way out. I tried to join the pending class action suits, but could not." Kym - Hoffman Estates, Illinois

"He never mentioned anything about a 48 month lease on their machine @ $69.99 per month deducted from our store bank account. Auditing our account I noticed that they deducted $80.71 each month and not $69.99....I am hoping for a class action lawsuit. These people are lowest form of disgusting pig puke, and I'd love to see them go down!" Bud Pacific Palisades, California.

"He said he was going to come back from Kinko's with the paperwork I signed but he never did, and he never showed me those extra pages with the small print." Suman Adhikari, owner of Kirkpatrick's Corner store, Nashua, NH."

NH U.S. Sentor Judd Gregg says go for it:

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Anonymous said...

Its very simple. The fact is that the lease contract is "unconscionable". For more information about that and how it relates to MBF Leasing LLC., Northern Leasing Systems Inc., and the many other names this company crookedly and deceptively operates under, check out my webiste: