19 April 2007

KingCast and a black man in a wheelchair meet Matt Damon, Danny Glover and Great Benefit Insurance Co.

When I'm not yelling about corporate abuse on my websites I'm actually doing something about it, often with Crnilovic-Phillips Law Offices, as noted herein and in the KingCast short films "American Lawyer II and III." And as it turns out, they helped one of the aggrieved store owners from the ongoing Vericomm/MDF Leasing scam on an immigration issue on prior occasion.

Back in December of 2004 I actually wrote two (2) demand letters: One to a stupid, hateful cop and one to a stupid, hateful insurance company. By now we know how the cop one eventually turned out, but I've never mentioned the insurance one because it was going to be used at trial in the bogus extortion cop case if they tried to say I withheld my status as an unlicensed attorney from anyone.

Here's w'happened:

A little black man in a wheelchair (Eric Blankety-Blank) got his World rocked by a reckless food store owner in a Chevy Blazer on or about 23 December, 2004. His Birthday. I knew him in passing, and just missed seeing the accident, which occurred about 200 feet from where I stand (skate) at City Hall. It was raining, his chair was shattered, and I thought I might have witnessed my first fatality -- but fortunately he survived without orthopedic damage but a whole lot of soft tissue strain, you bet. We spoke about the issue and about the Insurance Company.

"They're not giving me anything for my chair, or nothing," said Eric.

"To hell with that," I said. "I'm gonna' effin' [expletive deleted]"

Two months later, after I got an affidavit from the medical equipment provider about their actions and attitudes toward them, Eric got a $17,500.00 check, a new wheelchair and one in the well. I had wanted at least $25K but in the end with the second chair (they cost $7,500 or so) it was a fair settlement because they were pretty much paying for his fear and for what would have been told about their attitude and actions at a trial.


John Grisham's "The Rainmaker" is one of my favorite movies, but if you think that the Justice system is going to ride down on a high horse like Danny Glover and actually kick Insurance Companies like "Great Benefit" in the teeth as he did, you are sadly mistaken -- especially if you are a young and solo practitioner. As Mother Ann would tell me, You fight your best battle and take what you can get, and in that Eric Blankety-Blank was so thrilled he became a KingCast supporter and a friend.

"Douchebag to Darling" is one of my favorite blawg entries.
Read it to see why.

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Christopher King said...

Oh yeah:

Of course had Eric been any other race or colour he would have received the same care and concern from me, you bet.

He just happened to be black and without substantial money, as opposed to white and without substantial money.