12 April 2007

Duke Prosecutor Mike Nifong joins NH former Prosecutor Bill Albrecht in the KingCast hall of shame.

In a case where Nifong has willfully hid evidence and done everything he could possibly do wrong, his actions have been exposed and the Duke lacrosse players -- accused of rape -- are now free men, to some extent.

While no one has ever accused me of rape, a dingleberry, bumboclat Prosecutor named Bill Albrecht, who hastily-resigned under an ethics charge as noted in James O'Brien's forthcoming book "American Lawyer" did falsely indict me for extortion. And like Nifong, hung on to it for all he could even pulling this bait and switch on trial day when I came ready for a Jury of my peers. Then he tried to buy off Reporter Melanie Plenda with lunch, as O'Brien further notes. Indicted for what, you ask? For my lawful actions as NAACP legal chair in petitioning the government for redress on behalf of a possible police abuse victim. See generally the 2006 year-in-review.

At any rate, I never prejudged these guys and all of my postings centered on the issue of the racial slurs that the neighbor heard; that is what I wanted the NAACP to investigate. I'm not certain that ever happened, dammit.

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