06 April 2007

Alleged police murderer Michael "Stix" Addison's attorneys agree with KingCast and Christopher King on pre-trial publicity.

Here's today's story on Defense Motions regarding unfair publicity and a requested change of venue for the alleged murderer of Manchester Officer Michael Briggs -- who ironically may have saved Addison's life several years ago when Addison was himself a shooting victim. Defense attorney Richard Guerriero mounted the arguments yesterday before Merrimack Superior Judge Kathleen McGuire.

As noted in this post referencing the most infamous wrongful murder conviction in the World, pretrial hype can always unfairly color the proceedings (here witness the Union Leader already call Addison a murderer), although I went public with media myself in a bogus "attempted felony extortion" case against me as NAACP legal chair in order to counter the slanted coverage provided by WMUR. We took cameras everywhere we went and shut it down so bad the Prosecutor refused to discuss it! See KingCast short films "Oreo" and "Arraignment Press Conference."

Lastly, and while I am certainly no apologist for Mr. Addison, Attorney Guerriero has got to argue that the Death Penalty is Unconstitutional on its face and in its application because it is disproportionately sought and applied against those who allegedly perpetrate crimes against white females and white males as noted in the Baldus Study and in this Equal Justice Project research page.

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