23 March 2007

Note to Union Leader: You shouldn't call it a "Briggs murder" until the Jury reads a verdict.

That's reporting 101, folks, from a former reporter. Here's their link that runs afoul of journalistic principles, and one may read more about the Death Penalty here -- wherein I also make it abundantly clear that I am no apologist for Officer Brigg's alleged murderer, Michael "Stix" Addison.

I also note that NH lawmakers are trying to terminate the Death Penalty.

Here's an email comment just today from someone who knows all-too-well about the false accusations made against his father, in what may be the World's most infamous wrongful conviction case, as I note in the KingCast video "Arraignment Press Conference."
Hello -Sam R. Sheppard here - via JOH....glad to hear from you. Looks like you continue to do good work on the East Coast.
Best - SRS

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Christopher King said...

For those of you unfamiliar with journalism principles, they may most certainly call it a "killing," or perhaps even a "homicide" or "apparent murder," as I have done on repeated occasion.

But calling it a murder without any adjudication is impermissible.