29 March 2007

KingCast welcomes Jah Spirit and Reggae to Nashua!

You know you're living in a real city when the school board rescinds its anti-First Amendment policies and you get live reggae: Incredibly, hours after I posted yesterday's pro-reggae entry involving Buju Banton, Toots and the Maytals and outlining my history with reggae, Jah Spirit is featured on the Telegraph's Encore front page. The group now has a Thursday evening residence at Peddler's Daughter so of course I'll be checking that out, even though lead singer Michael Wolfe claims his group isn't as political as others.

My crew can deconstruct reggae in ways that would make most Americans' heads spin, and we tend to favor the political, such as Buju when he belts out "I, Buju may not be familiar -- with how the country run, but why them fighting Sensemila making way for coke to come...." Or Bob Marley in most songs on "Survival," or Peter Tosh doing "Africans," as noted in this post involving Barack Obama.

PS: A great time was had by all, including half of the Telegraph staff, then I went to the Amber Room where I met Lennox -- who used to sing with Jah Spirit. He'll be there next week, and so will I!

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Christopher King said...

My response to Reporter Meighan:


More likely than not!


Patrick Meighan pmeighan@nashuatelegraph.com wrote:

Nice blog, Chris. Maybe I'll see you there tonight.