25 March 2007

KingCast presents: The history of the BMW 2002 Turbo.

Although I had a '74 2002tii, I (nor most other BMW devotees) have never come close to owning a 2002 Turbo. As this Daily Kos/Limousine post indicates with an old M-B 300SEL 6.3, there's nothing quite like an old German whip at opposite lock. Here's the history of one of the first turbocharged production cars in the World, the BMW 2002Turbo.

The reverse lettering on the chin spoiler was there to let you know it's time to get the hell out of its way.

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plez... said...

wow! you are quite a BMW autophile. my brother has a BMW 625? or BMW 645? all i know is that it reminds of the Batmobile and he doesn't drive it much over 55 (what a waste of horsepower)!

well, i'm still Jones'ing for that cold-blooded 2007 BMW X5 SUV... now that's a ride! *smile*

Christopher King said...

Hey Plez,

The new 6 is a 650 I believe. Wilbon has a black X5, not sure if ESPN bought him that damn thing or not.

I haven't owned any BMW I can't work on, so that puts me right square in the 70's to early 90's for certain!

And believe me I just discussed this with a woman of a certain age over lunch, she and I both agree the 2002 was the best BMW we've ever owned. It's 4-seat go-cart, but very comfortable and the view is panoramic. And you can put stuff on the dashboard and it stay there. Too simple, too good.

You really should blow the carbon out of any BMW often, but as for me, I always obey all posted speed limits =^.)