28 March 2007

King defeats McEnroe, 6-Toots, 6 Toots.

One of the undisputed top 5 reggae artists of all time is in Boston tonight, and while I won't get a chance to see him this time, I caught Toots and the Maytals a few years back at the same venue when one of my Jamaican brothers from American Tower was working sound. And of course having represented and co-managed Skankland Reggae club in Columbus, Ohio I was so moved as to dance a bit on stage with him and some of those fine sisters he's always got near him a whole year before John McEnroe played guitar with him, also at Avalon :)

Related post: Buju Banton, approaching top 5 status himself rocked the crowd at Avalon earlier this year, as noted herein.

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Now playing in Lucky Number 7: Time Tough: Toots Anthology, Buena Vista Social Club, John Scofield A Go-Go, Charles Mingus: Changes Two.

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