20 February 2007

Rosa Parks lawsuit settles, KingCast watches Rosa Parks inductee prepare Civil Rights lawsuit against NAACP.

I am thoroughly relieved that the estate of Rosa Parks and the Rosa Parks Institute of Self-Development have settled a potential lawsuit concerning her likeness and other intellectual property issues. We don't need any more infighting within the Civil Rights World. Unfortunately, a buddy of mine -- who is a Rosa Parks Civil Rights Wall of Tolerance inductee -- is preparing her lawsuit against the World's Oldest Civil Rights organization for, inter alia, wrongful termination and breach of contract; I've corresponded with her lawyer and believe me it is solid.

But what do I know about the NAACP? Quite a bit, actually, having been its New Hampshire legal chair, as referenced on the jump page of this recent Nashua Telegraph news story (1/2) about another First Amendment victory, proving I know more than a few things about Civil Rights in this, the Greatest Country in the World.

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Anonymous said...

Is this the same inductee that paid $5 to have her name listed on the wall? I paid five dollars and im an inductee as well. This blog and your BS on here is a joke.