12 February 2007

Nashua Telegraph Editorial Board concurs with KingCast on Curelop public interest law fund.

This is now the third editorial involving crucial items of public interest law where the Telegraph editorial staff and KingCast find ourselves in Constitutional lockstep. Here are the first/two editorials concerning the successful reversal of Unconstitutional content-based First Amendment restrictions at Nashua School Board meetings. Coincidentally, I saw today's editorial as I opened the paper walking up the stairs to Mayor Streeter's office where Telegraph photographer Bob Hammerstrom shot this picture of Alderman Teeboom and me.

I then delivered a copy of Sunday's blawg entry where I had supported Jan Streeter in her fight against cancer and commended the Curelops to Mayor Streeter's office, came back downstairs and bought my license tags for yet another SAAB Turbo, Lucky Number 7.

Later on today I am going to turn up the boost and visit Barack Obama, with whom I recently shared this Telegraph front page.


Johnny the Saint said...

That was just my thought, that as a seasoned veteran of the first amendment battle ground, and a resident of the key state of NH, you should ally your considerable voice and power to one of the several major campaigns opening shop in NH. Reminds me of primary colors.

What is your take on Barack not being "black" enough? Some african american groups are calling him out as not one of them, he being born in Mama Africa and not the US as a descendant of the oppressed, North American style. Sounds like much ado about nothing to this reporter.

Christopher King said...

As noted in this somewhat tongue-in-cheek post:


I have indeed worked on Presidential campaigns on prior occasion and am available now.

You know, this black litmus test thing has got to go. My family even got it from some folks for sending us to prep school, despite the fact that we are definitely down-home-from-the-South, certified U.S. Black Folk.

Let the man put his issues up for discussion in the marketplace of ideas with the other candidates over the next several months and years, and go from there.


Shizzle Tats said...



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