25 February 2007

KingCast watches Virginia apologize for slavery and exploitation of Native Americans.

Here's the story. Being a black man and part Native American (and having lived in Virginia), I concur heartily that even if today's empowered whites did not actually do it, they still owe a duty to recognize it and work toward making the World a better place in which to live. Hell, I didn't invent sexism but as a male, I too have a duty to work against it. It's so simple.

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Paulie from the Trailer Park said...

I am a disempowered white. What should I do under your equation?

Help us Obi Wan, you're our only hope.

Christopher King said...

I'm not aware that I offered any equation per se, but I will say that that the first step is to make certain that your First Amendment Rights are protected, as Alderman Teeboom and I have done in our community.

Then if you have a particular issue, use those rights to address your concerns.

Each situation of oppression is unique and requires a tailored approach.