26 February 2007

KingCast watches Melissa Kowalewski and Judge Kinghorn concur about unfair conditions in Merrimack Courthouse.

Melissa is a bright, young earnest attorney out here who is not afraid to speak her mind on this blawg and in general, as witnessed by today's Nashua Telegraph story: Melissa Kowalewski, a public defender out of the state public defender’s office in Nashua, wrote to a sympathetic Kinghorn in December to complain about the courthouse conditions.

"Kowalewski focused on the sheriff’s office – which doubles as an all-purpose holding room for prisoners and meeting space. As Albert says, “this is the room.”

In her letter, Kowalewski wrote that conversations with clients have to be held in that room in front of sheriffs, other inmates, other attorneys, and, oftentimes, police officers and prosecutors."
“Protection of confidentiality is null and void when various parties, regardless of who they are, can hear the content of those conversations,” she wrote.

[Judge Clifford] Kinghorn says he sees it all the time.

“I’m not a public defender, but I watch the struggle they go through every day. I watch how frustrating it must get for them.”

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Anonymous said...

Judge Kinghorn is an unprofessional quack as anyone who may had the misfortune of facing him would attest to. The best way to improve the conditions in the Merrimack courthouse would be to get rid of him.

Christopher King said...

Does he exercise any dominion over the lack of space available for attorney-client consulatations guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment?


Anonymous said...

I imagine the person so upset with him was found guilty of something!

Anonymous said...

If you think hes a horrible judge, you should see how he treats his family

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

what about his family, just curious ?