26 February 2007

KingCast supports vigorous BarBri lawsuit.

See that damn BarBri book amongst those Depositions? Well BarBri is just about all you can get, because of collusion and market-fixing, IMHO. Here's yesterday's NYTimes story, "Young lawyers sue, and little changes." Liza Cohen from Hawken started her own company and I remember other things about other Bar prep fliers being torn down in the 90's, so I support the Plaintiffs.

We at KingCast are very busy with our own First Amendment and child protection issues but we're following this with rapt interest.


cREaTiveLy rAdiCal said...

Neat to get through your blog finally. Hope all is well. Make sure to let me know how things are with you these days and the progress of the suit. Show them the true honest colors for sure.



Christopher King said...

Bonsoir ma soeur!

Yes I will keep in touch and look forward to hearing you sing. Right now of course I am busy singing on these keyboards, in these and other ventures.