20 February 2007

KingCast presents: "What year is that?"

"Looks like an '88 or '89," said the guy in the Mazda Tribute, standing at the pump next to mine. "Correct. Build date Nov. '88 but tagged as an '89 it has the smaller intercooler pipes compared to the '89 so I'm gonna' replace those."

"Yeah, same colour as yours, exact same car he drove it 333,000 miles and sold it to a woman who paid $1,500.00 for it.... I'll be checking out SAABnet for a new one."

That's Good News to me; mine has but 115K miles =^.)

Then I went out and humbled some dude in a brand new supercharged Toyota Racing Development Scion tC (0-60 6.9-7.2). I ate him up on the outside of the on-ramp and never looked back, the mighty SAAB pulling like gangbusters into the morning sunrise. He gained a bit but ultimately had nothing coming. And just as with the '85 911 Carrera guy I busted in Dallas, he didn't return the piece sign when I gave him one, whatever. It's not war guys, just cars.

PS: Really fast SAABs, i.e. 550hp do 100-150kph (62-93mph) in 3 seconds.


Horn Dog said...

More boobies, less cars.

Christopher King said...

I don'ts be putting too much of my private life up in here, dog, you know that ;-)

There are a few pics here and there where those who know can find a few of my female companions, but that is hardly the focus of this blawg.


PS: To those of you new to the game, horn dog is in love with my erstwhile opposing counsel, Maria Proulx:


Am I right, dog???


Horn Dog said...

I am licking myself. Shiny hair. . .

Christopher King said...

Have you no shame, Sir.... Have you no shame!