05 February 2007

KingCast presents: Nashua Telegraph Editorial on the First Amendment, Nashua School Board and Christopher King.

Here it is; A victory for public policy and the First Amendment.
"....Nashua resident Chris King again attempted to speak about [Julia] Earl during a December meeting. When he was told to stop, King’s response was a pledge to get the policy revoked."

So that's what I did (1/2/3) with some initial help from School Board member Sandra Ziehm and then of course Alderman Fred Teeboom, as we came together to Live the Dream espoused by Dr. Martin Luther King.


Anonymous said...

C2 - someone made a call to someone very close to me asking about you. We have no idea who it is or why they called - can you call me or email me to help me figure it out?

email - my first initial and last name at msn

tty soon

Roy Innis said...

How about getting that spoken word tour going again, you have some grist to get an audience. Maybe stump with the Boomer, as well.

Christopher King said...

C1, I trust you received my email. We have to have dinner soon.

"Mr. Innis," The spoken word tour will be an integral marketing action item for the book.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

How are advanced sales on the book looking?

Christopher King said...

I'll be keeping all of that close to the chest; we're still a couple of red-pen sessions away from going shopping.

And when we do, at least we'll have a fantastic cover page with the Alderman, me and the First Amendment all neatly displayed =^.)