06 February 2007

KingCast presents: Hawken Review; Making a Difference.

For Sarah and the Hawken Review Staff: He came to New England and got punched in the nose by a shady corporation, then a now-fired police chief and a hastily-resigned prosecutor for bogus attempted felony extortion charges because of his Constitutional efforts as an NAACP legal chair in New Hampshire while addressing a man who faced 3 drawn police guns & visual body cavity search for loitering. Attachment 1.

He stood his ground, prevailing while using his State Finals debate skills honed at Hawken, and went on to actually change First Amendment law and policy in the Nashua School District, engendering the respect of school board members, Aldermen, a City Attorney and the community, while earning major headlines and accolades from the area daily newspaper, while Living The Dream of Dr. Martin Luther King. Attachment 2.


Meanwhile, he made ground-breaking legal video podcasts at KingCast.net.

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"Advocacy in Action, then and now."

Mad Respect: Mother Ann, Hawken Education; Attorney Terry Gilbert's words; Hawks in the news.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if that NASA gal dropped a deuce in those diapers on her trip to sunny Florida.

Christopher King said...

That's gross. But since you mention it, I just finished discussing this madness with a few other lawyers, and we think she's got some dooky on NASA.

What a crazy story; the precedent was set by Triple-Axel Tanya =^.)

Peace. No violence. No shattered kneecaps, Please.

Christopher King said...

Also, the coincidence that Sarah mentioned John Lis and me in the same paragraph is that perhaps unbeknownst to her (she came to Hawken in High School) John and I were close friends in 5th-6th grade; rode our bikes to school and stopped at the cream-o-freeze on the way home, near Alesci's import food market on Mayfield Road, yessir.

John is now a government wonk stationed up near DC/Va. IIRC.

And he knew about them hate crimes and taunts I took on the route from time-to-time back in '75 as well, that James O'Brien and I cover in the book.


Anonymous said...

Sarah sounds like a Daily Kos reader!

Christopher King said...

He-heh...unlike most of the folks at Daily Kos, however, Sarah has a brain that she actually uses, and she means well, as noted in her email to me:


Hi Chris,

Now that it's about time for me to gather the news for the Review, would you mind pulling together a few paragraph synopsis of your adventures of late? I've looked at all your links but feel uncomfortable doing the job of representing them in summary. I'd rather have it directly from you...

Thanks and hope you're well,



For those of you new to this, I have found that most folks at Daily Kos (the World's largest and purportedly liberal political discussion board) are nothing more than armchair revolutionaries; limousine liberals who like to sit by the sidelines and pontificate on all matter of things politique over which they never actually exercise any measure of control.

Some of them ganged together to kick me off the board twice, while others were equally vociferous in praise -- which I believe is the essence of political discourse.




But Kos and his henchmen would have none of it because I had the temerity to question some of the Democrats and other organizations they like.

They called me derogatory names and whatnot. "Pest" is one of the ones I can actually print here. A "pest" for the First Amendment that they use every day on their board?

You bet.

One day I will reappear for a day to slam them and make them engage in a day of commentary, but honestly I'm in no hurry because most of these people can't even hold my legal jockstrap, much less have the nerve to criticize my Constitutional efforts to make America a better country, true to its stated Ideals.


Anonymous said...

Dude - please let us know when you hit the Kosmonauts between the eyes, that is some entertaining stuff, you confound them!

Christopher King said...

Oh, for certain it will be soon, and it will go up here live as it happens =^.)

I'm thinking of putting that summary I just posted here about them in the book as well.


Christopher King said...

PS: And did you know a Kos reader with whom I attended law school wrote me to say she thought it was ridiculous what they did and that she enjoyed reading my posts?

And she actually knew me during my practicing years in Columbus, too.


And one day a couple of them got together to try to discredit everything I've ever done by going to the Crnilovic-Phillips law office website and proclaiming that I must not have ever worked with them because I am not listed as a member of the firm.

But that's ridiculous because I'm not a member of the firm, I freelance with them as permitted by law and their insurance carrier and have never lost an employment-related case: Three hearing victories and one settlement that changed overtime policy for hundreds of employees in Mass, as noted right here:


Not to mention the fact that Attorney Phillips' twin sister appears as Ana in the KingCast videos, "American Lawyer II and III" because she got fired from American Tower standing up for me and what was right, and has no regrets, as we discussed 3 days ago over tea and home made crumpets!

We (and other employees) all sued American Tower because of their abusive nature and the Department of Labor held in our favor on related overtime issues; you can hear Boston DOL Chief Corey Surett, Esq. leave me a voicemail on another case he and I discussed while I was resolving another matter for CP Law Offices:


Too much of Daily Kos is a ruse, just a bunch of poseurs.