22 February 2007

KingCast presents: Day in Nashua, Take Two!

Today was incredible. To find out why it was in some ways a repeat of the cinema verite witnessed in the KingCast short film, "Day in Nashua," read the comments section in this entry describing my efforts to have Eddie Azamor's child returned to him.


Melissa said...

Hey Chris - still reading! I love watching your day in NAshua District Court - I'm there literally all the time, as an attorney. :) Email me soon won't ya?! (mkowalewski@gmail.com)

Loved your rap session with Tim Goulden - he's a good guy.

Christopher King said...

I'll holler buddy, gosh knows I'm flat out with this and other things that I dare not blawg about.

I'll holler on Friday; we've gotta hit the slopes soon!



Dennis Hastert said...

CK - do you have a myspace page? That would be cool.

Looking for redemption and some Chrystal Meth.

Christopher King said...

Dennis, you and your slovenly ways will find no quarter here on this blawg.

But Peace anyway.