10 February 2007

KingCast gives mad support to Jan Streeter and the Curelop family.

As today's Telegraph notes, Jan Streeter -- an active woman on her own account and wife of Nashua Mayor Bernie Streeter -- is in a fight against glioblastoma, a cancerous brain tumor. She had been suffering from related symptoms well before the Mayor wrote me to say "keep up the good work, Chris," as I successfully fought to re-establish my professional life and to protect the First Amendment here in Nashua, his wife was fighting for her life, period.
Jan started right in. “I have no anxiety, no depression . . . being a very spiritual person, I believe God has a plan for everyone. Whatever God is planning for me, I can deal with it,” she said.

All prayers and best wishes to you, Jan and as Mother Ann advised me time and time again, "Keep on Keepin' on," Sister.
On a tangentially-related note, I give mad props to the Curelop family for establishing a $200K loan forgiveness grant to Franklin Pierce Law Center in honor of their daughter Alison Hayward, who dedicated her professional career to public interest law. Coincidentally, my friend Attorney Phillips, noted in comment #8 herein, is an F-P graduate.
Ellen Curelop said her daughter believed public service law was a cornerstone of a democratic society. “It is an equalizer,” Curelop said, adding Pierce Law has made public interest law a focus.

Indeed it is, and that's the spirit of my life, James O'Brien's upcoming book (1/2) and KingCast video, all the way.

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